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Nov. 22, 2016

Thank you for a wonderful site. My father, Albert 'JOHN' Huntley TAFF back in the day, Served on many ships and boats in the late forties early fifties. I have read all the stories about HMS Andrew on your site and feel as I could add to them. I have a lot of paperwork in the attic regarding the Atlantic crossing by the Andrew, I also have the last shell fired from the deck gun with in inscription which was presented to my father. My Father was Chairman of SOCA later to become the Submariners Association Wales No. 1 Branch from inception till just before he passed away in 2012. He was also the National Chairman for a number of years. If it would be of any use to your site I will get the stuff together and copy as much as i can, this would take me some time as i work full time and there's a lot of stuff to go through.|

Andrew Huntley

Mar. 17, 2016

I saw this site and saw that this submarine has quite a history. My Grandfather was a naval man as long I knew of him. My last memory of him working was yeoman of the signals out of the Flying Fox in Bristol where he was an instructor as far as I knew at the time. When my grandfather retired from the navy he was given a plaque off of a retired ship of the day. As it turns out it is from what my father told me, but from the HMS Andrew. If anyone would have any photos to confirm what I have is the real thing or what I seen on ebay. I do not wish to sell as it is a piece of our family now. My grandfather's name what Jack Govey and was in the merchant marines as a yeomen of the signals during the war. I also know that he was in at least one ship to take  a torpedo during the war. The ship did sink and the ride home was rough. Anyone with information would be nice to hear from.

Mike Govey

Feb. 20, 2016

My late father, William Maddern, born in 1917, served on HMS Andrew during the Second World War. He said he was on the first commission. I met my late husband in 1973. His name was Alec Roy, serving on the Andrew's last commission before she was scrapped. Both my dad and he were Geordies. I was Portsmouth born and raised all my life and when I met my sweet sailor A. W. R.

He was the first Matlot that I took home to meet my family that my dad liked and got his whisky out for. They shared much in common and my dad was delighted I married Alec. I have never really taken much interest in the Andrew, but now I am older and am finding out as much as possible to tell my five grandsons. I am so proud of the long line of navy personal from my family that served  the RN. Dad died in 1974 and my husband died in 2006.

Sheila Roy

Nov. 10, 2015

I'm emailing on behalf of my dad Edwin Richard Lees - Ted! He served on the Andrew in 1955 and looking for any other crew that might still be about. Especially a radar operator by the name of Joe Mooney from the Orkney Isles.

Many thanks,
Helen Rockell

Jan. 7, 2015

My father served on HMS Andrew till leaving the RN in 1948. He has just passed away and I would like to hear from anyone he knew or served with. He served from I think 1942 to 1948. on various ships, but the only one I know the name of is the Andrew. His name was John Chapman dob 12/12/1925 born in Salford England.

Thank you,
Alan Chapman

July 31, 2014

I joined the submarine Andrew in Singapore 1965 she was in refit so I ended up spare crew on Anchorite for 5 months. I joined Andrew when she completed her refit and I'm certain she had a telescopic snort mast also the 4 inch deck gun as we used to sit on it when trot sentry! Unfortunately I had an altercation with the Jimmy (Lt. Dingemans ) and got 42 days in Tangling D Q's so ending my enjoyable however short time in the Submarine Service!

M(E)1 David J. Wylie P/061491
Perth, Western Australia

Aug. 23, 2012

I have just found your site, and read the comments and looked at the photograph of HMS Andrew. I joined HMS Andrew in the Far east on the 2nd August 1968 as part of the crew to bring her home. I was a Leading Seaman UW2 based in the after ends. We had quite a eventful passage and ended up in Brisbane, Australia for a few weeks. I am based in Burnham on Sea and run a on line company.

Kind regards,
Mike Corbin

June 26, 2012

I served on the Andrew from Jan 66 to mid 69. The third photo down in the photo gallery was taken mid 66 not long after the 4" gun was fitted. The 5th photo down was taken in 68 after coming out of refit when the telescopic snort mast was fitted. After a recent visit to the s/m museum in Gosport I was surprised to see a sign saying that it took 36 seconds to get the first round away. As I was the gun trainer from the day it was fitted until our return to the UK, Dec 68, we could easily get the first round away in half the time. At the end of the day a surface gun action was based on surprise.

Tom Leworthy, "Taff"

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Apr. 15, 2020

I joined Ganges Sept. '60 and drafted to boats '65. Joined HMS/M Andrew in Singapore just before it's refit. Part of the crew with the privilege to take her back to U.K. I was married accompanied and that's where Tom Leworthy comes in. He had a bungalow on small street set back off the Bukit Timah Road in Singapore and managed to get me one next door. This is the first time I've come across your site as I was looking for pictures of the Andrew. Was absolutely amazed when I read Tom's contribution as even though we were close Shipmates and neighbours we lost contact many years ago. I still can't believe that I am 75 years old this year but would very much like to hear how Tom and his family are doing. Thanks for your help.

Stay Safe and All the Best,
Roger A. Hawes

Dec. 9, 2011

I am ex Navy but surface ships, one of my good friends from Gosport, our home town was in the crew of HMS Andrew during the making of "On the Beach", the Nevil Shute classic. He was Terry Alan, later an instructor in the Diving Tank at HMS Dolphin. Do you know of a nominal roll of the crew at that time and any pic taken then?

Perth, Australia

Apr. 19, 2009

Just a brief note to compliment you on the site. My name is Andrew Pearson and my father Michael served on the RN Submarine HMS Andrew in the late 1950's. (Yes I was named after the boat). Dad passed away in January 2008 and remained involved with the 'Submariners' throughout his life. I would be interested in receiving any information and or images of his days in the service.

Best Regards,
Andrew Michael Pearson
Brisbane, Australia

Jan. 4, 2009

The photograph of Andrew in 1972 is probably mislabeled. In 1972 she was recently out of refit in Portsmouth, and did not have the deck gun. This was replaced somewhat later, and contrary to reports that it was Amphion's old gun, was Andrew's original Vickers 4"; we also had the last remaining bullets, and in December 1974 Andrew was the last Royal Navy submarine to retain a deck gun and fire it.

Her commanding officer, Paul Hoddinot, signaled the Admiralty: "The reek of cordite has passed from the Royal Navy's submarine service. Last gun action conducted at 03 13:30 Zulu. Time to first round: 36 seconds. May the art of submarine gunnery rest in peace, but never be forgotten." Taff Evans was the gunner. My other comment is that the officer on deck is wearing white shorts, and to my best knowledge (bearing in mind that I was usually in the motor room where it was always warm, and I didn't get to see the sky too often) Andrew did not go to warm, tree-lined places in the final commission. Our time was spent in Northern waters, broken up by one memorable trip to the Med (which included a damned fine extended run ashore in Corsica). We did a lot of running for other, less well-maintained boats; we always thought that Corsica was a prezzie from a grateful FOSM. Our next Andrew reunion will be Exeter in April 2009.

I served on Andrew and ended up as the Killick Greenie, from refit to decommissioning, when POLTO Mick Devonport and I put the shorting straps on the battery and then went to the "Avondale" pub outside Plymouth dockyard to get pissed.

Doug Craig (aka Flash)
Alexandria, Virginia

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Nov. 3, 2010

I was the killick of his mess on his first sea going ship-The Plumduff-. I would like to get in touch again
after 43 years as some of our messmates are members of the association.

Mike (The Colonel) Brady

Nov. 22, 2008

I'm an ex-RN submariner and was on the Andrew when the second photo down on the Andrew page was taken. I can confirm it was taken in 1969, not 1972, and we were just off Portsmouth when we sailed (gently) past this little boat bobbing up and down with the photographer and a couple of other bods in it. I have a copy of the same photo, and I'm the fourth person from the right on the casing. The casing officer was (if I remember rightly) Sub-Lieutenant Elson.

Also, one of my mother's uncles was Alfred Oliver Matthews, killed on the Zebrugge Raid, 23 April 1918, on HMS Phoebe. If you could dig up any photos of the 'Phoebe', it would be appreciated.

Philip Curtis
Present location: Brittany, France

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