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Feb. 24, 2021

Just a quick message regarding the letter from the Crown Prince of Norway. Was the letter handed out to all the crew as I have a letter exactly the same. My father was Tom Barrett.

Best regards,
Sallie Moffat

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Feb. 25, 2021

It would be normal to have many copies of such a letter and they would probably be available to the crew.

Michael W. Pocock

July 21, 2020

Thank you for a super website! My father ROY JAMES AUSTIN (11 JULY 1927 - 3 JANUARY 1982) served his National Service on various vessels, but primarily on HMS GLASGOW from 15 August 1945 until 3rd November
1947. I have several photographs, his service papers and even an Initiation Certificate. One of the photographs has been autographed by his many "oppo's."

Many thanks,
Joy Moseley
York, U.K.

HMS Glasgow mess.

Jan. 8, 2020

My Grandfather, Harry Miles, joined HMS Impregnable 1916 as boy 2nd class, and was discharged 1945 as AB gunner. I'm researching his Navy service and compiling into one document-one of his ships was the Glasgow. He joined her first commission September 1937 to February 1941. During Harry's time on board, the Glasgow took some of Britain's gold bullion reserves and one of the Magna Cartas to America whilst escorting the King and Queen's prewar tour of USA and Canada.

She evacuated the King of Norway and his gold reserves during Germany's invasion of his country, was involved in a collision that sank HMS Imogen, carried troops for the invasion and occupation of Iceland, supported the attack on the Italian Fleet at Taranto, and carried out convoy escort operations in the Mediterranean. She was hit on several occasions by bombs and torpedoes, some of which failed to explode. Whilst at anchor off Crete, Glasgow is hit by two air launched torpedoes. Whilst she is under repair in Alexandria Harry leaves her to join HMS Orion in February 1941. The Orion is  badly damaged in May during evacuation of Crete. Thought you may be interested in the following, which are self explanatory. I've sent the letter to Molde Museum in Norway for there archives.

Wayne Miles
Ex Clanky Mech

Mar. 23, 2018

My grandad was on HMS Glasgow I assume in 1940's, his name was Terrance Mannion. I'm trying to find somebody who knows info or someone who knew him. I know it's a tough one, also I had a great uncle Leonard Carroll who was aboard HMS Trooper which vanished in action and I'm also trying to find about him.

Thank you,
Stuart Greenwood

Oct. 1, 2017

Just passing through and came across the message board. I was aboard HMS Glasgow in 1948. I have just found out that shipmate Allan Mercer has gone to safe harbour. I am in touch with another x crew Ted Plumb and we chat on skype. Have been in Australia for 44years so am out of touch with things Royal Navy. I believe the Glasgow reunions have been disbanded?I keep an eye on the pc and search for all navy stuff. Cheers for now. 

John Tyson

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Apr. 2, 2020

My late dad was also on her at that time, PO Richard R Smith PTI. I have this past weeks been reading his "Letts Royal Office Tablet Diary 1949" he has titled it "HMS Glasgow." America & West Indies Station. It would be wonderful to heard from any one that was also on her then. Also I am trying to obtain a Cap Tally for each of his ships, I would be grateful if you were able to point me in the right direction for getting one for the Glasgow.

Kind regards,
Nigel Smith

Dec. 6, 2013

December 1953 I was in a party that collected Lord Louis Mountbatten's luggage from RAF Luqua, Malta. We then took his kit to Grand harbour and boarded a small motor boat which took us to a cruiser. I think that it was HMS Glasgow. Is this correct? I understood that it was his Flagship.

Ted Jones

July 21, 2013

I am trying to find a photograph of my father John Burwell Arnold who served on HMS Glasgow in 1945-1946 onwards, The only information I have is an old postcard sent from South Africa around 1945. Is it possible to get a crew photograph or one of my father from that period. He died in 1988 and we do not have any information of his life in the Royal Navy.

Kind Regards,
Barry Arnold

Apr. 29, 2013

I am trying to find how my father died on HMS Glasgow on the 28th August 1953 in the Suez Canal Zone. He received a military burial at Fayid cemetery in Egypt. He was a Marine Gerald Underwood and service number POX6234. I have visited the cemetery on several occasions and his grave is alongside a Naval Rating Frederick Hill who died a week later. Both are shown on the Roll of Honour as Suez Canal Action as the cause of death and I am trying to find out the background If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Chris Underwood

Oct. 19, 2010

My father Charles Alan Gilbert was on HMS Glasgow and HMS Howe during the 2nd World War. I was trying to find a list of the crew on either ship but am getting stuck any ideas. Was looking to show my son James as they are doing the 2nd world war and we have just been to the naval docks at Portsmouth.

Thank you,
Angela Nettleship   
(maiden name Gilbert)

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Nov. 21, 2010

My father William Salmons served on HMS Glasgow from 5/9/38  to 28/7/39 During that time HMS Glasgow was along with HMS Southampton on the Royal Cruise Have no further details only 2 very tatty postcards. (See HMS Glasgow photo gallery)
1.  The Canadian - American tour 1939
2.  Picture of HMS Glasgow taken from HMS Southampton in an ice field

Bill Salmons

June 28, 2009

Regarding Hitchcocks, John S. cause of death was on board accident, date of death was 16 June 1954. From what I understand he fell down some steps in the dock whilst returning to HMS Glasgow and broke his back, he stayed in hospital in Malta whilst the Navy fetched my grandmother, he died on the same day she arrive in Malta, sadly before she got to say goodbye. He was buried at Malta.

John S. Hitchcocks

Aug. 6, 2008

Among your photographs of Glasgow you show " A Commander and Captain....names unknown" (photo 3 on
page 1). The officer on the right is Captain Philip Clarke and on the left is Commander Felix Lloyd-Davies D.S.C. (later Captain) whose obituary - and the same photograph - appeared in the Daily Telegraph of March 3 1998.
Lloyd-Davies was a friend of my parents and in 1936 we had lunch with him in the Captain's cabin of H.M.S. Coventry when he was 2nd "G" and the Captain was on leave!

Michael Yeates

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