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July 12, 2009

My grandad was on this boat, His name was Joseph Sawkins, I have a picture of him in his HMS Vengeance uniform, I think he was a Chief Petty Officer. He was on this boat from 1914 I think. Any info would be great.

Stuart Sawkins

Joseph Sawkins

Mar. 2, 2009

Is there a crew list available for the approx dates: 31 dec 1903 to 20 jan 1904. My grandfather served on a ship HMS Vengeance and jumped ship in Hong Kong on approx 14th Jan 1904. We have accessed his Royal Navy History record and the writing is not very clear. We know he was a ordinary seaman and only 12 years of age at entry to Royal Navy in 1903. Any info about a crew list would be appreciated.

Sue Toulis
New Zealand

Oct. 2, 2008

Info pertaining to HMS Vengeance, during the Dardanelles offensive she was Captained by my great grand father Capt. Bertram Hornsby Smith CBE, RN. Prior to that and at the start of the war she had been in the Cape Verde Islands.


Mar 6, 2008

My Granddad, William Thomas Clegg AB, served on HMS Vengeance from 16th December 1915 to 2nd March 1917. During which time, she was dispatched to East Africa to take up station as the Flagship under the
command of Rear Admiral E. Charlton. The naval force was there to support the advance of British Forces on land in driving the Germans out of Dar-es-Salaam.

Some pictures that Granddad kept of her time on station there have come to light. An incident involving the "Vengeance" that took place on 22nd March 1916 was the sinking of the so called "Hospital Ship" named "TABORA" post card picture of her attached.

In August of the same year a further shore bombardment from HMS Vengeance secured the two German guns, depicted in the photographs. I have also scanned the notes Grandad wrote on their reverse sides, which both describes them and the circumstances of their capture.

Robert W Green

The caption on the reverse side reads: German naval 4.1 captured by the ship's company of HMS Vengeance
who landed at Bagamoyo, German East Africa (Tanzania) after a warm reception on August 15, 1916 4am
quite early and no beachfront.
W. T. Clegg


The caption on the reverse side reads: Captured at Bagamoyo on the 15th of August 1916 by HMS Vengeance.
Photo of a German Pom Pom having been struck by one of our shells.
W. T. Clegg

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