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Feb. 24, 2021

My dad was cheif petty officer on the way to Japan in the British Pacific Fleet. If anyone has any photos they could share I would be most grateful. His name was Gearge Snaith.

Robert Snaith

Nov. 20, 2019

I am looking for information about my dad, James Macaulay, who past away. He was 84 when he past it was some years ago now he past I know he was on HMS Venerable he had a lot of pics what I think are on your site. I don't know when my mum and dad die the house was broken up so I don't know what become of them I think my brother Ronny give them to a minister who dose a lot for the navy still he's from Harthill in Scotland.

So I know he was fighting Japs on his time on this ship cos he brought a samurai back that he took off a prisoner of war. I think he was high up the ranks cos there is no number on it but there is a ion mark and A family mark on the tank where the Handel Fits on to it.

I would love to find out the move minutes off this ship ples I would love to find out what my dad did on this ship and where he went on it I know I was in Australia.fege Singapore, Hong Kong I am a big big big nut on history
And so won't to find more out about this Ples can u help me ?

Stuart Macaulay
West Lothian, Scotland

Aug. 3, 2019

I am researching an event that occurred post war involving an RN Firefly DK480 of 814 Naval Air Squadron, part of the No. 15 Carrier Air Group attached to the Light Fleet carrier HMS Venerable. In particular during its' operations when based at RNAS Schofields as part of MONAB VI. The event occurred on 31 January 1946 when the Firefly crashed into Lewisham Hospital in Sydney killing two hospital staff and the navigator of the plane. The pilot survived the crash. My grandmothers sister Iris May Thompson (19) was killed in this accident along with John Kevin Smith (17) and Petty Officer Airman, FAA/FX 79950, Edmund Mackenzie Butterworth (25). The pilots name was Colin Brittain Ratcliffe.

I am wondering if you would have any information on this subject or would be able to point me in the direction of being able to find further information on this accident.

I have done some research previously through the Australian Trove website for newspapers of the time, as well as more recently the UK paper website to get their papers also. Interestingly there is not much mention of the navigator who died, more a bit of fanfare for the pilot who survived.

Nathan Smith

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Aug. 9, 2021

I am the editor of the journal for the Marrickville Heritage Society based in Sydney, Australia and am writing an article about the 1946 crash. On 31 January 1996 I organised a ceremony to honour the 50th anniversary of this crash which resulted in the death of three people including the airman Butterworth. I later organised a plaque through Marrickville Council and a ceremony in 1997 which was attended by members of the families of Jack Smith and Iris Thompson. I also made contact with relatives of the dead airman who resided in Knott-on-Sea in Lancashire, England. A photo of the plaque can be seen below.

Richard Blair

The grave of P/O Airman Edmund M. Butterworth.
The memorial plaque dedicated to the three people who died in the crash. It is located on the south wall in the courtyard outside the Maternal Heart of Mary Chapel, Lewisham, NSW, Australia.

Aug. 2, 2019

My late father Brian Boyde served on HMS Venerable towards the end of the war. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who knew him. He was from Belfast in Northern Ireland and in his late teens at the time. My message is for Helen & John Burfitt regarding Frederick Charles Burfitt (Message 25.) I have a photograph of the plane that crashed on the deck that killed Frederick, plus a telegram notifying of his death stating that at that time his family had not yet been informed. I am happy to share it with them if they wish.

Jennifer Boyde

June 2, 2019

My uncle, LESLIE JAMES JOHNSTONE, was a Petty Officer on board HMS Venerable. He loved his time serving on her. He disembarked from her in Edinburgh and returned home to Liverpool. He died in 2005.

Brenda Owens

May 3, 2019

Looking through some old albums of my Fathers (Matty or Martin O'Malley) I came across a couple of items which I thought might be of interest to anyone else who served on HMS Venerable. I think there are some photo's too.

Terry O'Malley


Sept. 24, 2017

I am the widow of Ken Boden who served on HMS Venerable. My age is now 88 yrs. My son is collecting all the history of my husband's service with the carrier. He was proud to have served on her. I just felt I wanted you to know that she lives on and will do so in my future family.

Mrs. Irene Boden

Feb. 1, 2017

My brother Bob, in March 1944 volunteered and was forwarded to HMS Royal Arthur on the 27th March as a ordinary seaman for radar (entry routine?). That same day he was put on to HMS Glendower until 21st July 1944 and then on to HMS Valkyrie until 18th August 1944. Next day he was on HMS Drake is, until 19th December 1944. The following day he was transferred to HMS Venerable until 15th September 1947. The day after the transfer he became an AB (is that able seaman) RC3. On the 16th September 1947 he was back on HMS Drake until 26th November 1947 when he was released but recommended for the Royal Fleet Reserve. His official number was JX733040 Port Division Devonport. Amongst other papers were handbooks for Royal Arthur and Glendower. This information was obtained of his Certificate of Service Sheet.
(Robert Ekins photo collection.)

Peter Ekins

Apr. 24, 2016

My husband John's uncle was Frederick Charles Burfitt and was an Able Seaman on the Venerable. He was killed by a plane on 25th March 1946 and buried at sea near the Fiji Islands. We have been trying to find out more about the accident that killed him and wondered if it was the plane featured in the photos of George Deeks.

My husband has received  his uncles medals and will wear them with pride at our A.N.Z.A.C. day service tomorrow. I have just been reading some of the comments and on Oct 30th 2008 David Tuck mentioned a sailor being killed and that is John's uncle. This is amazing as all Frederick's siblings are deceased and there are only nieces and nephews left to wonder.

Helen & John Burfitt
Red Cliffs, Victoria, Australia

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