Robert Ekins, R.N. (1926-1991) Collection
HMS Venerable

A Vought Corsair (124) of 1851 Naval Air Squadron hanging over the side of HMS Venerable after a bad landing. Note the pilot is getting out of the cockpit. (Other photos can be seen here.)

A Vought Corsair R6L (KD215) of 1851 Naval Air Squadron seen after a crash landing on the deck of HMS Venerable.

Fairey Barracudas and Vought Corsairs seen on the flight deck of HMS Venerable, date unknown.

March 1946: The funeral for Able Seaman Frederick C. Burfitt (died Mar. 25, 1946) on HMS Venerable.
(Other photos can be seen here.)

November 1946: China Fleet Regatta at Hong Kong. The names on the back of the photo are: PO Sayers, "Hari Kari" Hinton, "Clubs" Green, "Pop" Nicklin, Yeoman Lucas, "Buffs" McLaughin, Hunt, Cind?, Team captain PO Holman.

Malta 1945: Cooke, Blair, Arrowsmith, Duggan, Stodden,Garner, Theobold, Hutchins, L/S?,Tomkins, Greyson, Goodwin, Vickers, Redfin and Simpson.

Malta 1945: Garner, Vickers, Hughes, Duggan, Fish, Jones, Cooke, Bartlett, Smithers, Tomkins, Greyson, Redfin, Goodwin, Thompson, Porter, Waring, Carnerali?, Arrowsmith.

March 7, 1946: Quarterdeck division at Malta.

Officers and men of HMS Venerable, Robert Ekins is seen circled top row.

Photo taken at Suva, Fiji.
(All photos from the collection of Robert Ekins, R.N.)
Courtesy of Peter Ekins
Scans by Joanne Chambers

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