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Apr. 1, 2023

My grandfather was Chief Stoker on the Pioneer, Robert John Daniels. He never spoke about his time in the Royal Navy so all I know for sure was that he lied about his age when signing up and was active right up to VJ day.

Michael Daniels  
May 31, 2020

My late father William (Bill) Edwards, from Liverpool, served on HMS Pioneer. I have some small group photos dated Australia 1945. The photo submitted by Frances Johnson (message #12) shows him at back, the tall, slim young man. He'd have been 19 years old at the time.

My dad died 22 years ago after surviving a severe stroke two years previously. He had joined the police force in 1955 and reached Inspector rank. He never spoke about the war but had nightmares all his life. I only discovered his war snaps (also an official group photo, on dry land probably training, and a panoramic photo of HMS Pioneer) after clearing out loft of old family home several years ago. They were in an old suitcase together with stuff from his early police years.

Karen Edwards

May 17, 2020

My grandfather, Charles Henry Simons, served on HMS Pioneer at the end of the war. I have been told he was a stoker, not much else known. I have a couple of photographs (showing below) one of him sitting on an aircraft on deck and one of the vessel entering Sydney Harbour in December 1945.

Steve Simons

May 8, 2020

Our grandfather, William Edward Burdell (Eddie), was aboard HMS Pioneer, during the war. On this VE day 2020 we would especially like to honour his contribution, along with all who failthfully served.

Susi Burdell

William Edward Burdell seen in uniform.

Feb. 10, 2020

My father, George Richard (Dick) Collinge, Stockport, Cheshire below pictured front left wearing spectacles told us this picture was taken in Singapore 1945/46. He visited Sydney on a few occasions staying with host family in or near Kirabilli. There were two adult children, a boy and girl who's name was Maria. We placed this photo in an add many years ago in newspaper in Sydney looking for any information on names of other mates pictured or the Kirabilli family. Unfortunately we never got a response. We hope we might have better luck now.

Frances Johnson


Dec. 31, 2019

I am searching for information about my Grandfather, Kenneth Rodney Sands, who I have been told may have served on the HMS Pioneer and definitely spent time in Sydney between 1945 and 1946, possibly in 1 or more short stays. I know he was a Boilermaker by trade and I think may have held the rank of Chief Petty officer based on a photo of his uniform (double breasted jacket, with 3 rows of buttons, plus 3 buttons horizontally on both cuffs.) If you knew him or have any information that may help it would be greatly appreciated.

Warren Sands
Sydney, Australia

Nov. 9, 2019

My dad, Reginald Thomas Armitstead, from Preston, Lancashire, served on the HMS Pioneer. He visited Hong Kong and Australia. If anyone knew him or has any photos I would love to hear from you.

Richard Armistead

Dec. 25, 2018

I served briefly aboard HMS Pioneer from around September 1945, boarding in Hong Kong. I was the only crew member who joined from HMS Slinger, at Kowloon. I served as a stoker until January 1946. I would very like to see any more photos that anyone has or to hear from anyone who served in the engine room department.

Thank you,
Albert Franklin

Nov. 8, 2018

Just looking at your web site. My dad, John William Jones, served on HMS Pioneer from 6th June 1945 until 14th june 1946, then waxing until 7sept 1946. 

John Jones, Jr.

July 3, 2018

I have a couple crew pictures of the above vessel if you wouldn't mind adding them to the message board.

Ryan Playfoot

July 2, 2018

Looking for crew list for Pioneer. My father, Alec McIntyre, was aboard. Would love crew photo. He was on board until end of war.

Pamela Mcintyre

Feb. 19, 2018

My father in-law Allan Munro was on HMS Pioneer at the same time as the family members of the two people who posted messages. My husband has a few pictures of his Dad on the ship with some of the crew and also one of him and some others posing with some females who they'd become friendly with. We've often thought of sending that one to an Australian newspaper to see if anyone recognises any of the ladies! Would like some more info on the ship and the crew if anyone out there has anything to share?

Joan Munro

Aug. 16, 2017

My father served as an airframe fitter on HMS Pioneer during the second world war. I'm trying to obtain crew lists for the Pioneer and her service records. I know she doesn't have any battle honors as she was a maintenance craft and oxygen generating ship, but I am having trouble accessing RN records as I don't have all the required information they want. My father's name was William Watson, born Blaydon on Tyne and joined up in 1939 and demobed in Brisbane Australia in I think 1946. The RN have been very difficult to deal with over the years, they even denied my request in 1973 when my father died, to use the Royal Navy insignia on his head stone so I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help or give me advice on how to overcome their red tape.

Yours Sincerely,
Eddy Watson

Apr. 27, 2017

I've just seen a couple of posts in relation to HMS Pioneer. My grandfather was a crew member on HMS Pioneer, and I have a photo of him with a dozen other crew members - from around 1945. I'm happy to send it through of it's helpful to anyone, but I don't have any other names/info of people in the photo.

Kind regards,
Jon Keen

Jan. 4, 2015

My Uncle, Reginald Madgwick, served on HMS Pioneer and I am trying to find a crew list as his service record appears to be lost, but we have his Service Medals. Any help would be much appreciated.

Bob Hill

Mar. 31, 2013

I believe my dad, Thomas Derek Harold Foster, served on this ship. I was looking for more info on it and crew.

Thank you,
Tommy Foster

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