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May 19, 2018

I was on HMS Ocean while in the RNR which I joined while at the sea school vindicatrix. It was sept 1956 we were on a courtesy visit to Penzance from Portland harbour when we arrived there we had to sail back to Portsmouth to get ready for suez conflict. I was 16 years old and from Bath. I spent 10 years in the merchant navy.

John Phillips

Apr. 30, 2018

I was trying to find more about Dad's service aboard HMS Ocean in the Med.1947. He was transmitting to Hal Far. Amazingly there's a photo of him photographing Seafires on Ocean. The 8th photo down, I'd recognise those ears anywhere. (October 1947 Aircraft Operations in the Mediterranean) Thank you for an interesting website.

Kind Regards,
Henry Brown

Sept. 15, 2011

I have come across your website on my old ship HMS Ocean and find it very interesting. I served on the ship as an engineer mechanic and played in the ships band from June 1954 to 1956. It might be of interest to some of your contributors if you mentioned that the ship's company have an annual reunion at the Britannia Hotel Coventry from Sept 23rd to 26th and many of the questions on the site would be answered as many of the "old" crew members attend. Details of contacts are on the HMS Ocean website. 

Best Wishes,
Jim Hogan

Mar. 25, 2011

Peter Turner, my dad served in Korea on HMS Ocean he told me about one of his pals who was pulling out the chalks from the wheels and ran into the propeller of the plane and was struck by the blade.

Les Stimson

Jan. 26, 2011

My father-in-law, Fred Kavanagh, served on HMS Ocean during Korea...Apparently he was an aircraft mechanic who was struck by an aircraft while unblocking its wheels. If you knew him or have any information about his service I'd greatly appreciate a response.

Peter Turner

May 15, 2009

I recently found some letters in my deceased mother's documents. These letters were written to her by a John Lindsay Agnew of Glasgow Scotland back in 1946 to 1948. Mr. Agnew served aboard the HMS Ocean in 1945.  The letters contain a lot of information about the ship, rescue mission, practice battles and general shipboard activities.  I would like to know if there is any way you could determine if Mr. Agnew is still living and where he may be. I'm writing from northern Minnesota in the USA. Thank you for your assistance.

Judi McIlwain

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Dec. 19, 2010

My father, G. Baer, served on Ocean at the same time as the letters and being in his latter years he would love to see copies of this sort of thing if she was willing to share it.

S. Baer

Feb. 2, 2007

I am doing some research about HMS Ocean. Can anyone provide information about a Lft. Fred Fowler please . He was in charge of Firefly aircraft on the carrier during its Korean posting.


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June 17, 2011

I think you are referring to my father who did serve as the Aircraft Engineer Officer on one of the Squadrons. He was not actually commissioned at that time, but was requested by the CO specifically, and after a request to the Admiralty the rules were "bent". He was commissioned later on in Malta in 1957?

I have a little information though especially if his surname is "Hunter", as I remember quite a bit of info my dad told me about the campaign.

Clive Fowler

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