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Aug. 24, 2022

My Father, Frederick Greenwood, was on the Hermes. He left just before it was sunk off Sri Lanka. I am not sure what ship he served on next. Below is a photo taken when he was on shore leave in Colombo.

Gwenneth Fenton
From left to right: Leading Telegraphist Frederick Greenwood, two unknown waiters, Petty Officer Telegraphist Spencer and Leading Telegraphist Leslie Gillard, who was lost when Hermes was sunk.
May 15, 2018

I am trying to find out if my late Father, Frank Batey Anderson, was on HMS Hermes in 1942 when it was sunk off Ceylon, he never mentioned much other than muttering that he was on an aircraft carrier that was sunk and I know he was in Ceylon and was the ships runner and was given a new Harley Davison motor bike and side car, he was an armaments engineer on Swordfish planes.

Before he passed away last year at 93 he had a hospital appointment and when asked why there were little medical records for him and asked when he was last in hospital he said his last stay in Hospital was in Ceylon when he contracted malaria. We have just returned from Sri Lanka and visited some war graves in Kandy where HMS Hermes was mentioned on a plaque and also visited St. Andrews Hotel in 'Little Britain' where a notice stated that survivors of the sunken carrier were taken, there was samples of visitors books for the servicemen who visited. Many thanks for your assistance.

Kind regards,
Stuart Anderson

Nov. 21, 2017

I cannot find any information on my fathers naval career aboard HMS Hermes during WWII. I recall postcards from Simonstown where he was having tooth extraction! As for the sinking I cannot recall him ever talking about it. He was Thomas Graham Gibson, dob 13/08/1918 and he was from Morecambe, Lancashire. He gave his medals away as soon as he got back to Blighty for whatever reason and could never stomach oranges.

Stephen Ashcroft

Nov. 5, 2012

I would like to know if you have any information on George McLellan born 13 Aug 1881 Melbourne, Victoria and died 1942. He was recorded working as Chief Engineer of the White Star Line passenger steamship 'Ionic' (167m x 21m and 12,400 tons) that sailed the Great Britain - New Zealand route via Cape Town, SA, (Wellington Evening Post 24/02/1912 and 8/09/1913).

Family tradition states he worked as an engineer in the engine room of a cruiser in the 10th Squadron in the Battle of Jutland in WWI. After the war family tradition states he returned to work as a Chief Engineer for the White Star Line on the passenger steamship 'Ceramic' (200m x 21m and 18,500 tons) that sailed the Great Britain - Australia route via Cape Town, SA . Family tradition states that he served as Flight Deck Officer on the famous aircraft carrier, HMS 'Hermes' (167m x 21m 11,000 tons) that carried 20 aircraft and 664 crew in WWII.   However I have been unable to find any record of his RN service and any help to flesh out his impressive war record is appreciated.

Thank you,
Robert McLellan

Mar. 7, 2011

Just decided to research information on H.M.S. Hermes (95). Am truly grateful as my father, CPO Cook Sidney Budd was on Board when she was sunk. I have gleaned more information from your site than from my father who was very reluctant to talk about it!. Also have only recently found his service record. He was discharged in July 1945 having served 22 years from a boy. His record shows V.G. Superior through out his 22 years. Your site has wet my appetite to search for further information.  

David Budd

Dec. 16, 2009

I have in my possession a Pewter Tankard inscribed "HMS HERMES 1937 FOOTBALL WINNERS", and I would love to know its origins, I am not interested in any financial gain,but would love to know its history. I have done quite a bit of research but drawn a blank. I watched a documentary recently on exploration of the wreck of the ship, with interviews with some of the survivors, and would have loved a chat with them.

Yours sincerely,
Alan Markwick

June 6, 2009

I understand that my father's cousin Vincent Quinn was a Chief Petty Officer serving on the HMS Hermes when she was sunk by the Japanese in WW11. Unfortunately he died with her! I just wondered if there is anyone out there that might have known him while serving in the Royal Navy? Thanks for a great site - very informative

Pete 'Paddy' Quinn

Reply 1
Nov. 12, 2020

Only just found this site and an old message dated June 6, 2009 referring to Vincent Quinn from Pete Quinn. My father Joseph Charles Blewitt survived the sinking of Hermes and went on to become Lord Mayor of Oxford. More to the point I have a photo of my father with two shipmates on the Hermes flight deck. As far as I know one is Charles Henry Bolt the other being either John or Vincent Quinn. Unfortunately neither survived the sinking. If Pete Quinn could contact me I could get a copy sent to him. Currently trying to write my father's Hermes story.

Hope I can help,
Les Blewitt

Aug. 28, 2007

My father served on HMS Hermes  11926/28 I think. He was Albert Cripps, and was an aircraft fitter. He died in 1948 when I was a young girl, from TB contracted whilst in service in Far East. Anyone with contacts during that time with photos or stories please get in touch.

Betty Quill

Mar. 14, 2007

I am trying to fill in some gaps in my father's naval career and would appreciate anything relevant. He was Fred Cory, nickname "Ginger" who served on the first Hermes. He was on it when it docked in Simonstown for repairs but not on it when it sailed on its final voyage before being sunk near Ceylon.

He remained in Cape Town and married my mother after demobbing. I would love to hear from any survivors, if at all possible, or how to contact them. I watched the recent BBC documentary and realized I was seeing men that had served with my father. I still have a photograph album that he put together of his time on the ship and often wonder what happened to the survivors.

Thank you for your assistance and keep up the good work.
Diana Heyes (nee Cory)

Feb. 17, 2007

Is there a crew listing anywhere for the Hermes, I believe my father may have served on the Hermes in WW2 and I would be interested in finding out. His name was Cornelius Barry, please advise if you have any information available.

Regards and Thanks,
Chris Barry

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