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June 14, 2022

My husband was on HMS Albion when they did the decommissioning tour in 1972. His name is Ralph Davies. It was his first ship and he was only 17 yrs old. He was a JOEM. He has very fond memories of his time spent on there. Visiting Canada and the ship having to leave early as the St. Lawrence was freezing up. He went on the serve on HMS Nubian, (around the time I met him in 1973) joined the Royal Navy display team performing in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 1976. Finally being posted to Hong Kong and served on HMS Wasperton. 1977-1978 Where I Joined him. He is 67 now and would love to connect with anyone who remembers him.

Kathryn Davies
Mar. 16, 2022

I'm trying to trace my birth father who my mother informs me served on HMS Albion. His name is either Trevor Haskett or Hasker. Grateful if anyone has any information about him.

Mike Graham
May 26, 2021

I have been asked by Michael John Gregory to post this photo. He was an Abel Seaman on HMS Albion in the early 60's. A farmer's son, he is now 82. (2021) and is looking to reconnect with fellow seamen. He has many photos and his dream is to meet up once again with his fellow sailors.

Gina Spencer


Feb. 16, 2021

In about 1960 I was a young boy (about 9 years old) living near Changi in Singapore, in a rather ramshackle house on the coast. One afternoon, when my parents were out somewhere, a Navy Whaler (I think it was called) come ashore at the bottom of our garden. They had run out of petrol, and needed somewhere to camp for the night. I offered them my father's lawnmower petrol, which they gratefully received, and suggested that they could probably camp in the public land next to our garden (no, I had no authorisation to do that). Eventually my parents came home (my father was working for the RAF), and they got to know the people in the whaler.

It turned out that they were from the HMS Albion, and on several occasions we visited the ship - particularly my parents did, going to see films there in the cinema, and presumably having drinks etc. My father and I were given a tour of the whole ship, except for the carpenter's workshop which was locked, and the engine room, which I had to skip because it was far too noisy for me, sadly. The person showing us around was, I think, a veterinary surgeon, and he gave me a Prickly Oyster that he had scraped off the hull of the Albion during a dive - which I still have. I was really impressed by the ship, and very nearly joined the RN on the strength of that visit.

Steve Knight

July 21, 2020

I'm trying to trace any information about my late cousin, David Notman, who served on HMS Albion up to 1967. He was an Engine Room Artificer 1Class. Sadly David passed away in May 1967, aged only 34. I'm trying to build a picture of his life, so if anyone has any stories or photos they could share, that would be amazing.

Many thanks,
Clive Ryan

June 7, 2020

I served on HMD Albion from 1970 to 1971 in Singapore as a Naval air mechanic under Captain Bastard. (As he use to say, "Bastard by name, Bastard by nature.) Spent 3-4 months in Simbang, pulled in Hong Kong, Subic Bay, Mombassa, (Silver Sands, Mersing, did mop up in Bangladesh after the typhoons and floods.) On the way home pulled in Greece, Cyprus, Mounts Bay then off to Norway hunting Russian Subs. On board was in 5D10 mess. Palls we're Buck (Hummingbird) Ryan, Ginge Harris, Harry Amchel, Jeff Twin, Crash Evans, Tony Timpson, Paul Fox, Shiner Wright, Pete Biddles and others. Flight deck officer was Soapy Watson. Be nice to know if any are still alive.

Larry Smith

Oct. 23, 2019

"The Old Grey Ghost of the Borneo Coast". Fond memories of a '62-64' Commission under Capt. Colin Madden.  As a "Pay Office" Scribes, I also thoroughly enjoyed the "Scribes" Deck Hockey occasions against numerous opposition (still got our complete record of matches: P. 109;   W. 54;   D. 25;   L. 30;  GF: 158 (personal 78);   GA: 110. First match v. Capt's Office: W 2-1;   Final match v. "Gents" (Wardroom): D 1-1.

Then there was the eagerly awaited "Albion Advertiser" (or "Pink 'un) which Roger Hirons, Allan (Taff) Brabant and myself used to produce and distribute onboard when at sea. The overall Editor was the Ship's CofE Padre. An annual re-union, normally in Pompey at Best Western in Southsea - this year on 2nd November (contact Keith Ridley @ : - but make it fast! Undermanned, over-stretched = happy ship's company always busy - no slack hammocks!

Bob Gelder
Hon. Secty, Bude Branch R.N.A.

June 5, 2019

I lived in Wilhelmshaven in 1970 when the HS Albion visited there for a couple of days. I had a tour of the carrier - my husband was a marine in the German Navy - we became friendly with one of the ingenieers. I can only only remember his first name ""John." We are trying to get in touch with him and I and my husband would be extremely grateful if you could give us information about the last name and whereabouts. There shouldn't be too many Ingenieurs on board in 1970 wit the name John. If you can't give us any information - maybe you can give the name and E-Mail-Adress to the man in question.

Thank you very much,
Regina Zippermayr
ex Wilhelmshaven

June 1, 2019

Brian Charles (andy) Anderson my father would have served on HMS Albion in the late 1950's or early 60's, sadly now passed, but would be interested in filling in blanks.

Steve J. Anderson

Apr. 11, 2019

I was in the Albion 1968 through to 1970. Joined in Singapore, December 1968. 5F26 messdeck as a JREM. Does anybody remember the band, especially Jess Jessup the guitarist, used to blast heavy metal music out just about daily in the 4F dining room. Great times.

Leigh Havard

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