SMS Bremen
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On the bow of SMS Bremen looking aft at the two forward 4.1" (105mm) guns.

June 3, 1912: The United States Presidential yacht Mayflower with President William H. Taft embarked arriving at Hampton Roads to visit the German squadron. Battleships of the 1st Battleship Division, Atlantic Fleet are seen lined up at the left. SMS Moltke, SMS Bremen and SMS Stettin are seen on the far right.

June 3-8, 1912: Left to right; SMS Bremen, SMS Stettin and SMS Moltke seen at Hampton Roads.

June 3-8, 1912: SMS Bremen seen at Hampton Roads.

June 8, 1912: SMS Moltke fires a salute as the German ships depart Hampton Roads for New York. SMS Stettin and SMS Bremen are seen astern of Moltke.

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