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Sept. 3, 2011

I have just acquired two Military pass books (one Imperial one third Reich), and a retirement document to a Paul Hochstein. He served on the S.M.S. Bremen from 25/6/1907 - 16/6/1908, and 17/6/1908 - 31/05/1909, then returned to Germany on the steamer SS Bremen 1/6/1909 - 13/6/1909. On 25 September 1909 the S.M.S. Victoria Louise , S.M.S. Dresden , and S.M.S. Bremen took part in the Hudson - Fulton Celebration in New York City representing Germany. From Saturday, September 25, to Monday, October 11, 1909, the State of New York commemorated, under the auspices of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission, the 300th anniversary of the discovery of the Hudson River by Henry Hudson in 1609 and the 100th anniversary of the first successful application of steam to navigation upon that River by Robert Fulton in 1807.

Captain George Albert

June 10, 2011

I have a hat ribbon from S.M.S. Bremen, and have no idea why my great aunt would have acquired it. She was a Canadian from Prince Edward Island, perhaps in Boston area in 1909. Not really sure. Any thoughts?

Sheilagh Hunt
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


June 2, 2010

I thought I would share this with you, a silver presentation beaker from the officers mess of SMS Bremen.  

Michael Burroughs
Cambs, U.K.

Jan. 9, 2010

My grandfathers name was Herman Hans Froze. My grandfather never said much about what he did before 1911, which is the year he started in the paper mill in Niagara Wisconsin. My dad and his brothers remember that he was on the SMS Bremen, if so, after reading what the Bremen did, I can see why he didn't say anything about his time on it. Any information about him, the Bremen, or a crew list, or any where else I could look would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you,
John Herman Froze

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Feb. 2, 2010 I am working on the SMS BREMEN theme since last year. It's known that she had in 1911 yard-repairs in Newport News in May (05-25. May), changed crew in Baltimore and then left into Canadian waters until July. Again in Newport News for the yearly overhaul of the ship Sept. 26. - Nov. 24, 1911. Can't it be, that your grandfather just left the ship using the ship's stay in the US or Canada (crew change!!) Quite understandable because it is known that the life and working circumstances on board were far from good

It's hard to find anything about members of the crews over the years. In internet here in Germany there are no results on the name of Hermann Hans Froze. Can it be that the name has been Americanized? Is FROZE the original way of writing? Is the home-city in Germany known?

Now I have got a question, what material did you study about the SMS Bremen? I am interested to get more information, especially from foreign sources.

Rolf Garbade
Lilienthal, Germany

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