SMS Moltke
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June 3, 1912: President William H. Taft in company with Admiral Hubert von Reuber-Paschwitz during the Presidential inspection of SMS Moltke.

Kapitän zur See Ernst Karl August Klemens Ritter von Mann, commanding officer of SMS Moltke.

June 3, 1912: Prince Christian (left) and Prince Henry XXXVIII of Reuss, both officers on SMS Moltke.

June 3, 1912: President William H. Taft departing SMS Moltke. After inspecting the Moltke President Taft sent Kaiser Wilhelm II the following telegram; "I wish to express to you the great pleasure it has given me today to welcome the officers and crews of the German squadron to our ports and to visit your magnificent battle-cruiser, the Moltke. I trust that those who so ably represent your efficient navy on this occasion may carry home with them some of the same pleasant and cordial recollections experienced by the officers of our ships while in your hospitable waters."

Kaiser Wilhelm sent the following reply; "I thank you for your kind message and the hearty welcome which you, the American navy, and the American people have offered to the officers and crews of my cruisers. I trust that the visit of my ships to your hospitable shores may further contribute to strengthen the good and friendly relations existing between our two countries."

June 3, 1912: Admiral Hubert von Reuber-Paschwitz returning to SMS Moltke after visiting the Presidential Yacht Mayflower.

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