SMS Moltke
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Moltke seen under construction at Blohm & Voss, Hamburg, Germany in 1910-1911.

June 3, 1912: SMS Moltke seen at Hampton Roads, Virginia on a two week good will visit to the United States.

June 3, 1912: The Presidential yacht Mayflower with President William H. Taft embarked arriving at Hampton Roads to visit the German squadron. Battleships of the 1st Battleship Division, Atlantic Fleet are seen lined up at the left. SMS Moltke, SMS Bremen and SMS Stettin are seen on the far right.

June 3, 1912: President William H. Taft and other dignitaries in the motor launch from Mayflower about to board SMS Moltke.

June 3, 1912: The Presidential party boarding SMS Moltke. When President Taft boarded the ship he said to Admiral Hubert von Reuber-Paschwitz, commander of the German Squadron "Admiral I'm glad to welcome you and have an opportunity of visiting the Moltke, one of the finest ships I've ever seen."

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