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Mar. 18, 2009

I am sending you this e-mail in hopes of getting some help in obtaining either a enlisted hat or a hat tally from the carrier Clemenceau. I am a retired navy Chief Petty Officer and was stationed on board the USS Enterprise CVAN-65. We were operating in the Indian ocean in 1975-1976. I had the honor of going on board the
Clemenceau while we were Anchored off Singapore. I ate and drank in the Chief mess and really had a fantastic time. I know that the Clemenceau has been retired and I have a very large collection of Navy hats from almost
all the foreign navies in the world.

I would pay a good price to obtain the hat with tally. If you can help me I would be so ever grateful, please advise. I take my collection all over the USA to all (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Post to display during military holidays such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Thank you for your kind attention,
Rick Bremer ABHC
US Navy Retired

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