Prime Minister Georges Benjamin Clemenceau

Georges Benjamin Clemenceau


Georges Benjamin Clemenceau


December 5, 1922 Georges Benjamin Clemenceau seen leaving the U. S. White House in Washington, D. C.


Georges Benjamin Clemenceau a statesman, physician and journalist was born in a small village in the province of Vendée, France on 28 September 1841. He served as the prime minister of France from 1906-1909 and 1917-1920. He led France during World War I and was one of the major voices behind the Treaty of Versailles.

After retiring from politics Clemenceau began to write his own memoirs, Grandeur et Misère d'une victoire (The Grandeur and Misery of a Victory). Clemenceau wrote about the high possibility of further conflict with Germany and predicted that 1940 would be the year of the gravest danger. George Clemenceau died in Paris on 24 November 1929 of natural causes.

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Prime Minister Georges B. Clemenceau
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