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Apr. 26, 2009

My name is Warwick Bryan, (active member at Cape Hawke Surf Club) One Mile Beach Forster NSW. Turned up for Beach Patrol Saturday morning to be told that late on Friday night some kids at a beach bonfire at the northern end of the beach spotted a lifeboat floating close to shore. We were asked by Police to make it safe and to keep people from climbing on it, at this stage it was still moving around with the shore break, rolling and turning, quite dangerous. Anyway, it is now being guarded by security to stop souvenir hunters, but it did attract a reasonable crowd for most of the weekend. My last inspection was 5pm Sunday afternoon, unfortunately quite a few bits and pieces are missing. Very interesting though. If you wish to speak to someone here about it Paul Scott, our Club President may be best.

Cheers, Warwick Bryan

A lifeboat from the Kiribati Chief ashore at One Mile Beach Forster, Australia.


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