Clement (1934)
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May 19, 2009

My grandfather Stephen Dooley, was the ship's carpenter on the Clement when it was sunk by the Graf Spee. I have his sailors log book which records the ship as sunk. I believe that when the ship was sunk, he was one of the crew members who put to sea in the lifeboats. He had to evacuate the boat quickly without time to change. He wore his slippers and got poisoning from the dye in the slippers when they became wet from the salt water. I understand that some of the crew of the Clement ended up in Montevideo and sent flowers to the funeral of Captain Langsdorff. It is amazing for me to see the pictures of the Clement being sunk. I wonder if there are any photos of the Clement crew?

Best regards,
Steve Dooley

There is a photo of some of the Clement survivors on the Newspaper Articles page.

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