Daily Event for March 1, 2013

On her first war patrol U-656 was just off Cape Race, Newfoundland on March 1, 1942 when the boat was sighted from fifteen miles away by Ens. William Tepuni, USNR in a Lockheed Hudson of US Navy Squadron
VP-82 out of Argentia. The boat was on the surface and apparently took no notice of the approaching aircraft.

Two depth charges were dropped, which straddled the boat on either side and she submerged, leaking oil. The oil continued to leak out of the boat for five days. If anyone survived the sinking, they were not able to escape from the boat, all hands were lost.

On Mar. 7 the German U-Boat command considered that the boat may have been lost, having sent 5 signals which received no response from U-656. For sinking the first U-Boat sunk by American forces, Ens. Tepuni was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
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