USS Missouri BB-63
Fire Controlman 3rd Class Amory M. Houghton III, U.S.N. Collection
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1951: Signal flags raised on USS Missouri BB-63 before tying up at Norfolk.


1951: USS Missouri BB-63 ready to move into pier 7 at Norfolk.


1951: USS Missouri BB-63 in a storm in the North Atlantic while en route to Norway.


1951: Rough water smashes into the lifeboat on the main deck of USS Missouri BB-63.


1951: Damage to USS Missouri BB-63 following the storm, the port lifeboat is gone.

All photos and text courtesy of Amory M. Houghton III
© Amory M. Houghton III all rights reserved


The 86 never before published photographs in this collection were taken during Mr. Houghton's service in USS Missouri BB-63. He served in the ship from Apr. 1949 to Aug. 1949 and again from Aug. 1950 to May 1952. Many thanks to Mr. Houghton for providing us the original slides for scanning and for allowing MaritimeQuest to be the first to publish his collection.


Amory M. Houghton III Collection
Page 15
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