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Apr. 2, 2021

I have one of the brass plaques pictured on your site. My Father was Chief Quartermaster aboard the Nevada during WWII. (Not sure of the exact dates of service.) As told by him these plaques were from the "race boats" that were aboard. The "race boats" were a way for the men to compete during 'down time'. The "wolverine" I was told was the ships mascot. My Brother also has one of the commission pennants that flew on her. Along with a log book. As those that know any of the history of some of these items are few, I feel it is paramount that this knowledge be passed. I will see what other information I can find.

Steve Roth

Nov. 21, 2020

I am writing you today to request that you forward this message to Joan Mectray, post number 25 with the typed medical report from USS Nevada following 12/7/1941. It contains a reference to my grandfather, "USSERY JW" who was a pharmacist mate 2nd class.  If there is any way to get an actual copy of that report I would greatly appreciate it. I realize it has been 8 years since it was posted, but I am going to ask anyway.

He passed away when I was 14.  He's been gone a long time, but I still remember his smile like he was just here. The photo below was taken in December 1941. Not sure of the exact date just that it was marked 12/41. PhM2c Joe William Ussery.  Date of birth Oct. 31, 1915.  Went to Heaven January 1, 1985. 

Thank you,
Cynthia Fryar


Mar. 8, 2016

I am the executive director of the Smithsonian affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas Nevada. We are in the process of creating a new exhibit and in that exhibit we have a section on nuclear power. We are interested in fining a nice model of the nuclear powered submarine USS Nevada for the exhibit. We also have a nice exhibit on the Bikini Test and I would love to get a good model of the battleship Nevada on display.

I did not know if you are aware of any historical associations that may have model makers who would want to display one of their works in our museum. Thank you for your time and I will attach a little quick info on our new exhibit and our museum:

- Our Radiation World, is an exciting new 2,000 sq. ft. exhibit developed by our Smithsonian affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum to explore and educate the public on all aspects of natural and man-made sources of radiation. Radiation is all around us, from cosmic radiation and naturally occurring materials in the earth's soil and rock, to man-made radiation such as medical radiation. The human discovery of the Atom and the Electromagnetic Spectrum have spearheaded major advances in all aspects of science that can be seen in everyday consumer products, energy, national defense, breakthroughs in medicine, and space exploration. Exposure will captivate, educate, and help the public to better understand radiation in all forms. The National Atomic Testing Museum (NATM) is a Smithsonian affiliated science, history and educational institution that uses lessons of the past and present to better understand the extent and effect of nuclear testing on worldwide nuclear deterrence and geo-political history. It provides collection-based exhibits and learning activities for greater public understanding and appreciation of the world in which we live. Its collections and activities are inseparably linked to serve a diverse public of varied ages, backgrounds and knowledge.

Designated as a private National Museum in December 2012, the National Atomic Testing Museum is charged by Congress to preserve a unique aspect of our nation's history.

Michael Hall
Executive Director Smithsonian Affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum
755 E Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Feb. 17, 2016

Below is a "penny postcard" generic message card issued to USS Nevada crew to send to loved ones without revealing anything about the ship. It has a warning: "NOTHING is to be written on this side except the dates and signature of the sender. Sentences not required may be crossed out. If anything else is added the post card will be destroyed." It would be nice to know more about this card. Was this the only communication allowed from a war zone and so on.

Robert L. Crawford
Thomasville, Georgia

(This card has been donated to MaritimeQuest for preservation.)


Feb. 16, 2016

Seaman Alan B. Catlin celebrated his 97th birthday recently. He served on the Nevada in 1936/37, before being selected from the fleet to be appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy. He graduated early from the Academy (Dec. '41) as the war, shortened his senior year by a half a year so the new Ensigns could be released for fleet duty. Catlin served on submarines for the duration, and retired in 1961 as a Commander. He is living in Fullerton, California, at a Morningside, a senior community. Catlin was active on the Fullerton Planning Commission, and City Council, and served three terms as Mayor. He had a second career, following his retirement from the Navy, as an electronics instructor for many years at Fullerton Community College.

Chris Meyer

Feb. 15, 2016

My father's name was Robert James Saxon Jr., S1C. He served April 1943 - Feb. 1946. He was on a anti aircraft gun on board the USS Nevada, 5A Division. Years ago my Dad let me have a black and white photograph of the USS Nevada BB36 at dock with all the officers in dress uniform sitting in two rows of chairs and one row of officers standing behind them, the officers were about 50 men across. Behind them is the entire crew, sailors and marines about 12 men deep and 60 to 70 men across. Behind them is the mighty USS Nevada. The ship is behind all the sailors. About 2/3 of the ship is in the photograph. The bottom of the photo says USS Nevada (BB36) 28 October 1945. Bottom right side says "A-63, Thompson Photo, Los Angeles".

I can still pick out my father in the photograph. The photo measures approx. 30" x 9". I have it preserved in a special glass and frame to protect it from sunlight. I have tried off and on for years to learn anything about this photograph. Any help greatly appreciated.   

Thank you,
Gary Saxon
Wilmington, N.C.
(home of the Battleship USS North Carolina BB55)


Sept. 10, 2014

Below is the obit of former "Nevada" crewman, Henry Gwynn, posted in today's Salt Lake Tribune.

Don D. Marsh
USS Wasp CVA 18


Dec. 30, 2013

I have approximately ten framed pin up art 9X11 3/4 paper charcoals of famous and unknown women by Robert Whitmer dated from 1943 to 1946 U.S.S. Nevada. Do you have any information on Robert Whitmore? I would be interested in selling these items to someone who would continue to preserve and or exhibit these items. The picture are primarily faces and present the various hairdos of the times.

Bernie Bronczyk

Feb. 10, 2014
Further to my earlier message I have learned that Robert Whitmere passed away on Dec. 26, 2010 at age 84.

Bernie Bronczyk

May 26, 2013

I'm writing to you after visiting the site and have some more interesting picture's that my mother's father who served on the U.S.S. Nevada. His name is Peter Jordon he is pictured her in some photo's with some of his buddy's. My mother was Beverly Jordon Hamilton and she would share story's with us. Also when they dedicated a memorial on the lawn of the city hall here in Kingston New York 12401 He (Peter Jordon) unveiled the Navy side of this Memorial and I have picture's of this gathered crowed.

Paul J. Hamilton
Rosendale, New York

For we are three Jolly Good Fellows all dressed up with a Sunday smile.

This was our stage for the show.

The Navy is not quite as bad after all. Some of the boys wanted their pictures taken with us girls.

Mar. 7, 2013

I have a heavy brass plaque that is oval in shape. It measures about 6 inches by 11 inches. It says "USS NEVADA", and there is a snarling dog set in relief on it. I acquired it about 25 years ago from a friend (he was not a veteran of the USS Nevada). He is deceased now. I recall that he said he got it in a trade for some repair work he did on someone's power mower. It's always been in my mind about whether it had come from the ship.

I am a Navy veteran, and served on the USS Okanogan, USS Denver, and USS Juneau. These were amphibious ships. I served from 1967-1971. I belong to the USS Denver Association, and I know the importance of these sorts of mementos to former sailors who served, and who belong to such associations. I imagine that this plaque, if indeed it did come from the USS Nevada, would be of interest to that association. Perhaps even, someone may know about it. I feel that it might be kept in a more appropriate place for people to enjoy. If you or anyone in the Association is interested in contacting me, please email the webmaster ( and he will forward your email to me.

With respect,
Mike Hackett
Bellingham, Washington

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Apr. 17, 2014

I too have this same plaque as posted on your site. I am trying to find out its significance. Any information would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,
Phil Johnson

Nov. 12, 2012

I just found the Maritime Quest site. I have some material I found in my dad's things I would like to send so you can post for everyone to see. One is a three page medical rough summary report typed that I think might have been handed out to the crews. Also, a blank request for liberty from the Nevada. I also have a letter of commendation my dad received on his efforts June 25, 1944 off the coast of Cherbourg, France. My father, Watertender 1st Class Cecil W. McCloud, was on the Nevada from 1940 to 46.

Thank you,
Joan Mecteau

Cecil W. McCloud seen in 1941.

Cecil W. McCloud seen in 1991.

Letter of Commendation.

Special Request form (front).

Special Request form (reverse).

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