Log of the USS Georgia During the World War
June 22, 1917 - July 11, 1919
By Harvey E. Bouchard

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(From the collection of Gunner's Mate 1st Class Francis B. McQueeney, USN
Courtesy of Patricia Lee)


Francis B. McQueeney was born March 22, 1897 in Hartford, Connecticut and died July 8, 1970 in Windsor, Connecticut, he served in the United States Navy from April 7, 1917 to April 29, 1919 on board the USS Boston and USS Georgia, ending with the rate of Gunner's Mate 1st Class. This document was found among his personal papers by his granddaughter Patricia Lee and preserved for future generations.

The relationship between the author of the document, Harvey E. Bouchard and Francis McQueeney is not known, but it seems to have been distributed to several crewmen who served with him. Without the aid of copy machines, each copy must have been typed individually, as is this copy. Patricia has generously donated the original document to MaritimeQuest for continued preservation, we greatly appreciate her generosity and thoughtfulness in making this piece of history available for everyone to view.

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