Seaman 1st Class Walter Kenneth "Kenny" McMillan, U.S.N.

Portrait of Walter K. McMillan.

Kenny McMillan performing at an unknown location.

The casket of Walter K. McMillan on board USS California BB-44, Kenny was killed in a Kamikaze attack on
Jan. 6, 1945 in Lingayen Gulf.

A 21 gun salute is fired in honor of Walter K. McMillan on board USS California BB-44.

A newspaper article announcing his death.
(All images courtesy of Todd Raine)

Walter (Kenny) Kenneth McMillan was my Mother's uncle. He was a childhood actor and singer from Los Angeles California. He starred in many Little Rascals and Buster Brown movies and later played bellhops and doormen as a young man along side Jackie Coogan and Mae Murray to name a few. He later was known for his singing as seen in one of the pictures.

I was told he was a Chaplin's assistant while serving on board the USS California. I have his Purple Heart award certificate and medal that were awarded posthumously to his mother. Kenny and his brother were one of many of our family who served the United States. Every generation of our family have had one or all serve for the last
97 years (including her Majesty, before immigrating to the U.S.). If there are any friends of Kenny around still that would like to see some of the Hollywood pictures I would be glad to post them. I am hoping there are some men still around who might have known him so that I can fill in the gaps of our family history.

Finally, I'd like to thank all you veterans that are still around, as a disabled vet myself, I can appreciate all you went through to secure our freedom!
-Todd Raine

Page published Aug. 26, 2009