Iowa Class Battleships Class Overview

New York Navy Yard
Aug. 27, 1942
Museum ship at Los Angeles, CA.
Philadelphia Navy Yard
Dec. 7, 1942
Museum ship Camden, NJ
New York Navy Yard
Jan. 29, 1944
Museum ship Pearl Harbor, HI.
Philadelphia Navy Yard
Dec. 7, 1943
Museum ship Norfolk, VA.
Philadelphia Navy Yard
Cancelled Aug. 12, 1945
and scrapped

Norfolk Navy Yard
Jan. 20, 1950
Cancelled Feb. 17, 1947
hull launched only to clear slipway. Scrapped 1958.

New Jersey BB-62 and Wisconsin BB-64 were both launched on Pearl Harbor Day.

Missouri BB-63 was the last new US battleship commissioned and the last battleship in service with the US Navy when decommissioned for the final time.