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July 16, 2015

I was a Ship's Serviceman(SH3) onboard the USS Benjamin Stoddert(DDG-22) from 1988-1990. I was discharged from active duty just as Saddam invaded Kuwait in Aug '90 and was recalled to activity duty at a reserve unit in Norfolk until mid '91. After a couple more years in the reserves, I was done with the Navy; or, so I thought.

I tried several times to get back in over the next 8 1/2 years before they finally let me return as an Aviation Storekeeper (AK) in 1999. I've been in ever since, and I am about to finally retire in April 2016; though as a
Logistics Specialist(LS) now as there have been a few rating mergers and name changes since then.

During my long break, I lost my 88-89 West Pac cruise book (sometime in the mid 90's) and my Shellback card in 2007 after I returned from a deployment in Iraq. Though I know there is no chance of finding my Shellback card I am hoping that someone out there still has their cruise book from the 1988-89 West Pac. If so, I would like to get a scanned copy of the book to share with my junior shipmates as I retire. If you have a copy and are willing to scan it for me, please get in touch with me.

Richard Fox

Apr. 6, 2009

Reported on board USS BENJAMIN STODDERT in Sep 76 at Pearl Harbor HI. Made two WestPacs on her. Served over three and half years and we spent over two thirds of that time either deployed or underway. Best ship I served aboard, best crew mates, and the Ship's Office personnel were the best I served with. I'm proud to have been a crew member. I finished up with 33 years of active duty and am completed 20 years with civil service.   Time for me to retire, too! 

Robert M. Andrews

Mar. 31, 2008

I was a crew member of DDG 22 from 83 - 86, and while it's a minor thing, the picture below, (or if it doesn't show up, it the 2nd one up from the bottom on page 2) is not from January 1986. This picture shows that the MK 68 GunFire Control System is still installed. By January of 86, the MK 68 had been removed, and it had been replaced with the MK 86 GFCS, which is evident in the next picture. The telltale sign is the big black golf ball on the main mast. All in all, a great website, but I just wanted to ensure correctness.

Jeff burns
Temecula, California
(The official caption on the photo gives the date Jan. 1, 1986, however it appears this is incorrect. I have
changed the date to 1983, which seems to fit with other photos I have.)

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