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Nov. 3, 2017

I served on the USS Barry from 7/69 through 2/71. Visited the Barry once with my wife and 3 children back at Philadelphia's Penn's Landing in 1975. Also at the Washington Navy yard museum in 2015. I had no idea at the time that shortly after our visit she was heading to the Philadelphia Navy yard to be moth balled. So sad. So many great memories and great friends.

George Brittingham RD3
Feb. 16, 2009

I stumbled upon your web-site and remembered a day in September of 1979 while I was an unfortunate crew member of the USS Edward McDonnell (FF-1043). That was back when I was a PCSN. On that Saturday morning, I was tasked with gathering the mail for the USS Oliver H. Perry (FFG-7), which was returning to home sweet homeport NS Mayport (after the base Post Office/Mailroom closed for the day). On that day, the misfortune of being assigned to the Eddy Mac (which was 2nd only to boot camp as the worst duty in my Navy career) is truly insignificant when I think about a LCDR, who was the XO of the USS Barry (DD-933).

During the mooring of the USS Barry, one of the lines snapped. The observant boatswain's mate, who saw this major mishap in the making, ordered everyone to clear the deck. The XO didn't clear the area or if he did, didn't do so fast enough. The line did its damage and the XO found himself with both legs missing. He survived but his legs, despite the efforts of the divers, weren't found in time.

The story continued. A few days later, there was a change of command ceremony aboard the Eddy Mac. That was after invitations were sent. I'm sure that both the CO and XO of the USS Barry were invited. If such was the case, the XO, who was still in the hospital, managed to send what was probably the worst RSVP in the history of the US Navy. His leg floated up between the USS Edward McDonnell (FF-1043) and the USS Tattnal (DDG-19), which were moored side by side at the Delta Pier.

I believe that the unfortunate XO's name was LCDR Booth, who I believe was the son of a radio-TV personality from the Buffalo NY station WBEN. Fortunately he did survive and I understand that he was featured in some of the Navy's training films. I've never seen any of these films (although I've seen that film The Heat Stress Monster more times than I care to dwell on). Although I've never met him, I wish him well. The subject could be renamed "The Worst RSVP in the History of the U.S. Navy ." I wish you and all our shipmates from yesterday, today and tomorrow, All the best!

Patrick James McKenna PC1        
USN (Retired)
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