USS Raleigh CL-7

USS Raleigh CL-7, date and location unknown.
(Photo courtesy of Joe Hanna)

USS Raleigh CL-7 seen in drydock, date and location unknown.

March 5, 1926: USS Raleigh CL-7 seen heading northbound in the Miraflores locks, Panama Canal.
(Photo courtesy of the Panama Canal Authority)

December 12, 1941: USS Raleigh CL-7 sitting low in the water at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii after being hit by a torpedo during the Japanese attack on Dec. 7.

December 12, 1941: The capsized hull of USS Utah AG-16 seen in the foreground with USS Raleigh CL-7 seen in the background at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

February 18, 1946: Omaha CL-4 (bottom left), Raleigh CL-7 (bottom right), Marblehead CL-12 (top left) and Cincinnati CL-6 (top right) being scrapped in drydock #4 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

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