USS Randolph CV-15 / CVA-15 / CVS-15

November 12, 1944: USS Randolph CV-15 seen in Chesapeake Bay during her shakedown cruise.

March 11, 1945: Damage sustained by the USS Randolph CV-15 from a Kamikaze attack while at anchor at Ulithi Atoll. The attack killed 25 of her crew.

March 13, 1945: USS Randolph CV-15 alongside a repair ship at Ulithi following the Kamikaze attack.

USS Randolph CV-15 seen in the Pacific in June 1945.

June 7, 1945: USS Randolph CV-15 seen from USS Texas BB-35 burning after a USAAF P-38 Lightning crashed into her stern while at anchor off Letye, Philippines. The pilot, Captain Lewis M. Gillespie, USAAF and fourteen crewmen were killed.

July 19, 1960: USS Randolph CVS-15 location not available.