USS Constellation CVA-64 / CV-64
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February 18, 1968: USS Constellation CVA-64 seen off Point Loma, California.
(Photo courtesy of Walter Loetell, USN)
© 1968 Walter Loetell all rights reserved

April 14, 1997: USS Constellation CV-64 seen en route to the Persian Gulf to enforce the no fly zones in Iraq.

November 22, 1999: USS Constellation CV-64 turning around in the harbour at Fremantle, Australia.

November 2, 2002: USS Constellation CV-64 departs Naval Air Station North Island, California for a six month
deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
(The sign on the stern reads "Okay, Let's Roll, Todd M. Beamer Patriot", this quote was made by Todd while a
passenger on United Airlines Flight 93 on Sept. 11, 2001 just before he and other passengers on the plane
burst into the cockpit of hijacked airliner and caused the plane to crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania rather than into a target in Washington D. C.)

November 2, 2002: USS Constellation CV-64 seen departing Naval Air Station, North Island, California.

November 30, 2002: USS Constellation CV-64 en route to Singapore.

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