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July 20, 2017

I served aboard the Kennedy (CVA-67) during 1971-1973. Our deployment to the Mediterranean lasted around 11 months. As we finished with NATO exercises around the Arctic Circle we finally headed home to Norfolk, Virginia. Although I was part of VF-32, as an AK3, I ended up working in the ship's company as a supply department liaison to AMD. I wish I could remember the names of some of the Chiefs in my department who were fine career people. Have a lot of good memories during the almost two years I spent aboard the most beautiful carrier in that time, and the only time I felt sad was when I was saying goodbye to all my friends and supervisors at the time of discharge when one E9 Chief refused to say goodbye and he called me a 'quitter'.

Nazareth B. Sadorian, EA

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Messages 75-99
Page published July 21, 2017