Trafalgar S-107
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HMS Trafalgar S-107 seen in 1983.

1983: HMS Trafalgar S-107 in Cawsand Bay just outside Plymouth Sound with Rame Head in the background.

1983: HMS Trafalgar S-107 after entering the Hamoaze with Cermll Fort in the background.

1983: HMS Trafalgar S-107 seen passing HMS Illustrious R-06 after entering the Hamoaze.

HMS Trafalgar S-107 at Plymouth, England in 1986.
(The boat is passing Tinside Beach with Smeaton's Tower on Plymouth Hoe. It used to be on the Eddystone Rock but the foundations were weakened by the sea and the present lighthouse was built. The people of Plymouth petitioned for the tower to be dismantled rather then demolished and dumped into the sea and have it re-erected in honour of its builder, a chap called Smeaton. If you see a picture of the present Eddystone you would see the stump where the old tower once stood.
(Captions by Philip J. Heydon, I.S.M.)

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