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Dec. 8, 2012

As a post WW2 boat, Aurochs served for a time on the Australian station in the late 1950's. As an Australian junior officer I spent some time onboard to listen and learn. The Royal Australian Navy had no submarines at that time. A striking facet of the submarine was her motto as displayed on the boats crest. In accordance with
the practice of the times, it was in Latin and read "Excreta Tauri Sapientam Fulgeat" which can be loosely translated as "The excreta of a bull can fool a wise man". More loosely still - Bullshit baffles brains. Wouldn't
do in these PC days!

Reg Hefferan

Sept. 22, 2008

In 1947 I was one of the stand-by crew as Radar Mechanic and stayed on board until my demob at the end of that year. The Captain was a Lieut-Commander, the Gunnery Officer was Lieut. Seth-Smith and the Navigator and Radar Officer came from Clackmananshire. I was on board when on the Eve of Admiral's Summer War exercise we collided with what, I believe was trawler. In Spite of this we carried on for the rest of the exercise.

George Waddell (CMX 750929)

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