HMS Amphion P-439 / S-39 / S-43

HMS Amphion P-439


HMS Amphion P-439 seen surfacing surfacing in Loch Long about 1945. The original was given to me by Norman
Ellmore, now deceased, who was the UC1 onboard. They had been practicing towing Marine Commandos, whilst
dived, with the dinghy attached to the periscope. The Marines were having problems with their knots, well
untying them to be specific. As the boat dived deeper, after the thumbs up had been given to the skipper looking
through the 'scope, it took the dinghy down with it and the Booties left floundering in the water. I believe one drowned on another occasion.

Norman was a founder member and secretary for many years, of the Blackpool and Fylde Submarine Old Comrades Association. His hearing was badly damaged during the war by depth charge explosions, having
the gain on his headphones turned to max whilst trying to track their attacker.

(Photo and caption courtesy of Keith Hallam RN)


HMS Amphion S-43 date and location not available.


HMS Amphion S-43 at Portsmouth Navy Days 1959.


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