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July 23, 2015

Your unplaced time and place for "SSG72" HMS Aeneas is on return to Portsmouth, I think to pay off. It was soon after the final SLAM firing trials of Eskmeals range in Cumbria towards the end of 1972.

I was one of the Vickers' civilian engineers and I was on board for the voyage south and was the person controlling the normally retracted launcher from its console in the control room. Great fun for a young engineer from Australia. Great bunch of blokes on the boat.

Chris Thompson

June 22, 2013

Noticed a picture on your website against entry for HMS Aeneas where date/location were unknown. The pennant number SSG-72 was purely a jokey modification of the correct pennant of S-72 to allude to the fact that the boat was participating in tests of a modified 'blowpipe' missile system on behalf of Vickers Limited at Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria in October 1972.

This configuration was given the acronym 'SLAM' (Submarine Launched Anti-air Missile). The Fin enclosing the conning tower was modified by Vickers to allow a missile launcher to be fitted where the direction finding (SHF/DF) mast normally sat. This involved welding a 'bulge' on the top leading edge of the fin and a (removable) modified shield was mounted on this on which was painted a re-working of the ships crest.

In place of a spear, Aeneas carried a stylised missile. I sketched out the design of the shield which Vickers made for the boat. I don't know for sure if our Commanding Officer sought permission from Flag Officer Submarines to modify the pennant number, but am pretty sure that he would have done. I have a Vickers issued pamphlet about the trials and attach a single page for your interest. Hope you find this useful.

Many thanks,
Tony Sadd

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Sept. 20, 2013

The picture on the top of this pamphlet is me - I was an RO2(G) on Aeneas when this system fitted - Happy memories.

Peter Fitzgerald

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