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Feb. 15, 2022

My first ship after Ganges and Collingwood around feb 74. Joined at start of Portland work up and then onto FES trip. Left 97 as CWEM(R). Retired last May after 20 years on London Underground.

Phil Askew
Feb. 5, 2022

I was on the Falmouth from 1972 to 1974 joining in Lisbon as LREM and leaving as APOREL. Many great memories including the Cod War where we were sent to several fishing boats to repair equipment, a fire on board off Mombassa and visit to Rio de Janeiro.

David "Sandy" Saunders
Nov. 23, 2021

In the photos below, not sure who the sailor is, but the little girl is me, Julia (Hoff) Houston. Photo taken in Houston, Texas aronud 1983.

Julia (Hoff) Houston
May 14, 2021

A broken heart today as it was my husbands funeral. Married almost 52 years. He served twenty five years from 1962-1987. Various ships, Ark Royal, HMS Glasgow, HMS Liverpool, but HMS Falmouth and crew were always his favourite and often talked about, along with his lifelong buddy, Ken Hayman also serving on the Falmouth. He served on her in the 1976 Cod War ramming of the Icelandic gun boat Tyr. Even in his last few days in hospital he clenched his fist, punching the air and shouting "the Fighting 113".

He loved that Ship dearly. I can't remember if he was PO or CPO at that time, later serving as a Weapons Instructor at HMS Dryad and HMS Excellent. Someone may remember him as Andy or Dixie. His name was Andrew Dickson and if you do remember him please raise a glass..."No more Watch to stand Old Sailor....So may the Wind be ever at your back....Fair Weather and God Speed.

His Loving wife,

Apr. 4, 2020

Baz Snee said to check out  your site. I served on Falmouth from 1970 to 1972 and did the last 12 month deployment to the Far East November 1971 to November 1972 covering our withdrawal from HMS Jufair as plane guard for the EAGLE. Sadly Singapore had turned into an ANZAC base, but was still a great run ashore. I was an able seaman passed for leading hand for this great commission on a really grand ship. Keep well at this difficult time.

Yours aye,
Mike Brown
Retired in Gosport

Jan. 11, 2020

My father CPO Lee (GI) served on Falmouth during the sixties and my brother and I came on board for a short trip around the Isle of Wight, about 1965, when I was 11. It was a bit rough and I spent most of my time in my fathers bunk being sick. I do remember depth charges being fired with the intention of eating dead fish for lunch but the sea was too rough to pick them up, that's what I was told anyway. I wonder if anyone remembers this or is my memory questionable. Be good to hear from anyone.

David Lee

Sept. 29, 2019

Hi there Falmouths, hoping all are well/best as can be! This is Buster Brown, AB Gunner on the1970/1972 commission. The Stokers name that survived the fall into the Gib. drydock 1971 was Houston if memory serves, he was on the jetty on our return to Pompey in Nov.1972. I meet up with Baz Snee in Pensacola, Florida 2008, he has now moved to Spain. Where did Dave Pym and Dusty Miller get to? Keep things tight, any reunions arranged in near future? Posted September 2019.

Aye Buster

May 4, 2019

I stumbled on your site whilst trying to get service history on HMS Falmouth. I found it interesting reading the memoirs of the ships company, at various stages of their service careers. Do you have the same message board for most of Royal Navy ships? I have enjoyed reading through the messages and memories it brings back to me.

Kind regards,
Richard (Dick) Slocock
1962-1977. JMEM-Mech1

Mar. 25, 2019

Dave Varey and I have lunch every couple of weeks or so after we met up by chance in Asda's Supermarket Waterlooville  55 YEARS after serving together on The First Commish. We instantly recognised each other, how, I don't know. I stayed in the mob and was fortunate enough to clock up 40 years, which keeps me in motion lotion for my motor home. Look forward to a reply.

Yours aye,
Barney Barnett
J/Sea 1st Class 1961-1962  The Foulmouth

Sept. 15, 2018

I remember Chalky Hamilton (Message #23) well from our deployment to Australia in 79. I was killick of the mess. Great bunch of lads in the seaman's mess and a great time. I did another 11 years, but skinny dipping in Mackay Queensland, Samoa and Fiji remain in my head.

Brandon 'John' Surtees

Mar. 1, 2018

Looking for Ian Michael Murray HMS Falmouth 1960's, he went missing in South Africa never been seen since.

Chris Murray

Nov. 11, 2017

Looking for any information or anyone who knew him about my father Clifford Pedley PO or CPO who served on HMS Falmouth in the mid to late 1970's then finished his naval career at HMS Collingwood.

Many thanks,
Richard Pedley

July 11, 2017

I regret to inform you that Tery Howard passed away on 26th June last.

Lynn Ellis Howard

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