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June 29, 2022

I served in the Royal Navy for 33 years. While researching the sinking of HMS WARWICK in WWII, I discovered that I am related to Petty Officer David CLEGG (b 1913, Rochdale) who was lost with the ship 20 February 1944. I am related through his father John George CLEGG (1881-1954) of Rochdale, Lancashire, England. I noticed from your site two people who are also relations - Linda SCOTT and Colin BAKKE who I am not in touch with - I believe they may be in N America - probably Canada. I would be very grateful if you could forward this to them, as I am keen to establish contact.

Thanks and best regards,
Paul Branscombe
May 14, 2020

My Dad's brother was on board HMS WARWICK D-25 when it was torpedoed on that tragic day. He was Able Semen Norman Alan Slapper. He was 19 at the time of his death. I have been trying to obtain a photo of my uncle for my dad. Been through so many organisations, War Office, Naval, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, MOD. As I live in London but born in Bristol I have searched local press back home and asked family, but unsuccessful. I wonder if my be able to help me?

Many thanks,
Paul Peterson (Slapper)

Nov. 11, 2018

Please could anyone share any crew photos or information. My uncle David Clegg PO Stoker was on the Warwick, when, with so many others, lost his life after being hit by a submarine. As a family we have many stories but little of his Naval career. Thank you so much.

Linda Scott

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Jan. 14, 2020

I was reading on your Maritime Quest message board about the Warwick which sank off the Cornwall coast I believe.  I noticed a Linda Scott had posted a message concerning a PO David Clegg.  I am his grandson and I was just wondering if you had any more information from her or perhaps her email.

Colin Bakke

Oct. 27, 2018

I am researching my Father's WWII service history, and just found out that he was serving on the HMS Warwick when it was sunk in Feb 1944. I see Ken Holmes, who was also a survivor, recently posted on your website, and I would love to get in touch with him. My Dad was Able Seaman Francis (Frank) Sudbury from Liverpool. He was in hospital for several days after the sinking due to temporarily losing his sight due to the oil in the water after the sinking.

After a period of survivor's Leave he went on to serve on the HMS Implacable in the Pacific. His ship became the mercy vessel after VJ day, and he spent the next several months repatriating POW's from the Far East. After the War he married my Mum in 1953 in Liverpool, and went on to have five sons. Sadly he died in 1978 aged 52 from lung cancer. Below is a photo taken when he joined the HMS Implacable.

Best regards,
Paul Sudbury


May 7, 2018

I am one of only 2 survivors of HMS Warwick that are still about. The other one is David Harries who lives in Somerset. He's 95 and I'm 94. You can read my story on this page.

The Sinking of HMS Warwick by Ken Holmes.

Ken Holmes

Feb. 21, 2014

My Grandad, Thomas Henry Johnson, served on the Warwick and myself and family are keen to visit Padstow to pay our respects this summer. Do you know who I would contact locally to try and see any further information and possibly hire a boat to go out to where the ship is located. I have read a lot on the internet which states that there was a memorial service each year but I don't know if this still take place or how I would find out. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Kind regards,
Karen Twiss

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