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Mar. 15, 2017

Does anyone remember Stan Hildrick Brown? When the ship berthed at Malta on VE day he saved his rum ration and took it ashore. He had a great time and when he returned he was put in the brig for being drunk. He was my father.

Stephen Brown

Sept. 20, 2012

We live in a house with the Chequers coat of arms mounted in the front. We believe a former captain of Chequers live here earlier. How can we trace the names of the former captains. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Tony E. Smith

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Sept. 23, 2012

Not a complete list, but I hope what I have will help.
CHEQUERS:  Captain J.H. Ruck-Keene, DSO, OBE, DSC from 1 August 1945, In Command
and as Captain (D) 1st Destroyer Flotilla In Palestinian Patrol 1946, still Ruck Keene. Through end of 1946, but uncertain later.

Captain J.E.H. McBeath, DSO, DSCO from October 1948, In Command

Captain R.M.C. Duckworth, CB, from April 1953, In command

All best,
Don Kindell

June 16, 2007

I was PO radar mechanic on the Chequers from second advance party to demob from Haifa about February 1946. I was responsible for the 275 Radar. I reported to both guns and the radar officer which was difficult at times. The first of the three photographs was I am sure taken on trials on the Clyde on the 28th September. The third I am pretty sure was In Grand Harbour, Malta the rest of the trot were units of the 14th flotilla of which Chequers was the Leader. The middle picture certainly in the Mediterranean, it may well have been taken after I left the ship possibly on patrol between Beirut and Haifa.

You might like the attached Photograph taken in Grand Harbour late 1945 or early 1946 taken from the Lower Barraca Gardens Valetta, Malta. A few years ago in Malta I took a photograph from the same position and was surprised to see on the print the top of the starboard hand buoy which is visible on the 1945 photo.

Bob Willoughby Hart Ex

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