HMS Berwick (1902)
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Mar. 2, 2015

I am doing some family research for a friend and we came across this photo. Is this HMS Berwick? The name is obscured in the hat. His name was Butler - is there a way of checking his records at all?

Deborah Monaghan

Apr. 28, 2009

I am interested in the HMS Berwick's activity during the first world war. I am doing a family history and an uncle of mine was on enlisted on this ship as a Canadian. Only thing I know is that it sailed in North American and Caribbean waters. I was hoping to find the reasons for that and what it accomplished or did. I have a picture of my uncle in his HMS Berwick hat along with a friend of his. Is there a way of finding who was assigned to this ship during the war?

Wendell Gaudin

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