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Jan. 10, 2015

My dad, Wilfred Lynskey (Lyn), served as a Chief Petty Officer in the sick bay of the Bellona during the Russian convoys and was also in Norway during the same period training doctors and surgeons. I have recently received 'his' Arctic Star, but truthfully I applied for it for me, because he was always so angry about the way the crews were swept aside when the political situation changed, as if their service and their sacrifice was worthless. He rarely spoke of it, but did tell a story where he had to be transferred from one ship to another during a storm in the Arctic winter, by breeches buoy. One minute with his legs dangling in the icy water, the next being 30 feet up in the air as the ships rocked in the waves, because someone on the other ship needed his appendix removed and he was the only one who could do it. Sadly he died aged 70, when I was too tied up in children and work to sit and make him tell me about it properly. These men were so brave.

Ann Croucher

(Photo courtesy of Ann Croucher)
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Wilfred Lynskey's crossing the line certificate.
(Image courtesy of Ann Croucher)

A certificate from the Norwegians thanking the British Armed Forces who participated in the liberation of Norway. Wilfred Lynskey's name is fading, but can still be seen.
(Image courtesy of Ann Croucher)

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