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Sept. 3, 2015

My Dad (Step Father) Norman Ronald McNally passed away in November 2013 aged 80. He didn't talk much about his time in the Royal Navy until his later years. I am pleased and honoured to have his service record and now started research. My Father joined up in July 1951 and like thousands of others trained at HMS Raleigh, HMS Drake, going on to HMS Sultan (engineering) before going on board HMS Russell, HMS Diligence, HMS Diligent (not necessarily in that order), finally serving on board HMS BELFAST from April 1959 to May 1960. He was serving on board her during the last time she was in the Far East, Egypt Suez, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong.

Amongst his photo album are photos of the aforementioned ships, postcards of places he visited and the names of his shipmates. My Dad was known as "Mac", the names written on his photos are: Richie Rice (HMS Raleigh), Mick Laverty, Jigger Daly, Jet Jenkins, Chicko Harris (dated 1953) and two shipmates photographed together are Slocombe and Pawson. 1954 Group photo in "75 Mess (S) section HMS Eagle. Dad was a Stoker in 1959 progressing to Petty Officer POM (e). Having visited HMS Belfast on his 75th Birthday I was very shocked, in fact emotional to find out and see how primitive conditions were on board, I thought hammocks were left behind in Nelson's day. I am very proud of all our service men. I would love to hear from anyone, family or friends that know or knew the men my Dad served with. My research continues.

Martin McNally

Norman Ronald McNally.

Aug. 15, 2009

The photo (page 2) shows H.M.S. Belfast astern of H.M.S. Centaur, with either the Solebay or the Finisterre, acting as crash boat whilest the carrier was conducting flying ops. The date is14-20 Feb. 1960 en route to Trincomalee. I was a A/B on the Belfast at this time.

Ted Shadbolt

Oct. 20, 2008

My father was on the Belfast from 1939 until end of war. His name is (he is 90 now) Robert Swallow. Do you have any records of him on board, or names of men he may have served with.

Debra Kirby (nee Swallow)

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Sept. 1, 2009

Debra, my uncle was in Belfast around the same time period. Ask Dad if he remembers Johny Cable, Chief Shipwright? To me Johny was what the Royal Navy was all about.

Bruce Jordan
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