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Nov. 9, 2008

Grandfather Lt. Sam Friend served in RN approx 1920-1927, was aboard Ajax in 1922. Also have pics of Calliope, Emerald, Curlew, Repulse, Royal Sovereign to send later. He has another brother George also in RN, served in S Africa and WWI.

Great Grandfather CPO Richard "Ganny" Wheelhouse (great name for sailor!) served RN from 1882-1916,
have picture of him in diving gear aboard HMS Blenheim approx 1892. He ended up CPO. Ran away from East
London home at 16, never returned! Life was tough in East End in those days.

Father was Lt. Peter Friend GM RNVR, bomb disposal 1940-1946, was attached to RN Chatham and HMS Volcano. One relative Alfred Friend went down on HMS Penzance in 1940

I was 6 years in MN as watch keeping 3/O and 2/O Navigator, now retired IBM'er living in NC USA.

Michael Friend

Nov. 5, 2006

I have in my possession a Midshipman's journal dated 2nd June 1923 to 20th September 1925. The Midshipman's name is J Frizelle and he served in HMS Ajax, Valiant (twice) & Vansittart. He names the Captains and D.O.'s of the ships and the journal contains many, many photographs, detailed drawings an maps.
I am curious as to what became of him and if his journal is of interest to anyone, perhaps his descendants.
I look forward to hearing from you in the not too distant future.

Stephen Bodycote
(rtd Lt., RN)

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Aug. 24, 2009

Dear Lt.,
My wife's great uncle, Stoker C.P.O. Edward Lyons, died on the 24th. Nov. 1923 whilst serving on Ajax. He is buried in Kalkara Naval cemetery, Malta. His headstone reads in part "Erected by his shipmates as a token of respect".  I know it`s three years since you posted your message, but if you still have the mid's journal, is there any mention of the chief's funeral in it?

Sir, with regards,
William Wright

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