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Oct. 3, 2007

I am currently working on four Invincible class ships, 1 WEM and all three of the DML kits.

My goal is to build the Falklands War Invincible and then the Invincible when she had the CIWS added to the bow and the starboard aft flight deck corner.

I wonder if you can assist me in obtaining info and pictures of the other later ships.

Couple of questions:
1. When did the ships receive the Goalkeeper 30mm CIWS?
2. When did RO7 have the "stealth" aft tower installed?
3. When was the Dart system removed?
4. Any pictures showing the rigging of the masts and yardarms?
5. Any close up pictures of the detail of the plating-in of the bow after removal of the Sea
Dart system?

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Mar. 19, 2007

Excellent photos of Invincible. I am desperately seeking photos of Invincible entering Sydney Harbour in December 1983 where I was stood in the ships band (trumpet). If you could offer any link ideas I would be most grateful, thanks

Robert Rawson
(Invincible 1982-1984)

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Mar. 2, 2012

Don't have Invincible coming in to Sydney, but found these.

Ken Dodds


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