HMS Indefatigable
Darrell V. Bumby, R.N. Collection
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Telegraphist Darrell V. Bumby (1923-2007) (right) and an unidentified sailor seen possibly before joining
HMS Indefatigable.


Darrell V. Bumby's Telegraphist Class 283 at HMS Royal Arthur.
(this was the Billy Butlin holiday camp at Skegness Lincolnshire, which was requisitioned by the Ministry of War, and then given back after hostilities ceased).


An unidentified destroyer alongside the HMS Indefatigable.


HMNZS Gambia refueling from HMS Indefatigable.

All photos courtesy of the Darrell V. Bumby, R.N. collection
Submitted in his honor by his son John Bumby
and Jack B. Atkinson, R.N.


These photos were posted home by my father (during WWII) Darrell Vernon Bumby, and my uncle Jack Byron Atkinson. My father and uncle were both telegraphists on board HMS Indefatigable an Implacable class aircraft carrier during the second world war. I'm sure you know that the vessel was part of Task Force 57.

I'm hoping that I'll give some pleasure to people like me, who had relatives involved in the forces, and who struggle to find any evidence of what the hell they got up to during the war (my dad spoke very little about what went on, to be honest I think he wanted to put all behind him when he got home).

I feel we should honour anyone involved in fighting for our freedom against oppression (I watch TV, and pray to God that everyone comes home safe from Iraq and Afghanistan). I really don't know what to write about them, other than when they were called to duty, they came forward and did their best. I don't see these photos as my property, but the property of anyone who was involved, had relatives involved, or who is just interested in history.

John Bumby 2007


Darrell V. Bumby Collection
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Page published May 21, 2007