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Nov. 9, 2022

This was written by my wife's great uncle A. R. Bellamy service number 78178. 7 Company 3rd Devon Regiment.  Saw action at Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine and in France. He perished from his wounds in Peronne, France in 1918.

The sea was calm as a millpond,
the vessel at anchor lay,
The crew in silence slumbering
 till the dawn of another day
A noise like a clap of thunder
lights up the night mist
In a cloud of smoke and fire.   
 She disappears from sight
It happened all in a minute,
those hearts so true and brave
Gone in a ship they loved so well,
beneath the ocean wave
Our boats were manned right willing,
we pulled across the wave,
hoping that we should be in time.
Some gallant lad to save
our hearts were filled with sorrow
no sign of life found we
but thought of comrades we had
no more their face to see
No more they plough the ocean
those gallant British sons.
Each one has found a heroes grave
far from the sound of guns.
Can we forget their loved ones?
God, what a bitter blow.
May heaven bless and comfort them
wherever they may go.
We know Lord thou wilt help them
be ever near their side
Grant they may meet  their loved ones
when they cross the great divide
Pay homage to their memory,
those sailors staunch and true.
They paid the price for freedoms
cause all British through and through.
When next we meet the foeman
we'll strike with might and main
For those heroes of the Vanguard
who were so fully slain.
To the memory of those who lost their lives in the Vanguard July 9 1917. Weep not for those who paid the price for England home and beauty they with unselfish sacrifice died at the post of duty.

Nicholas Butland

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