HMS Resolution (1892)
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February 7, 2006

My great uncle served on the RESOLUTION in 1901 of off Gibraltar according to 1901 Census, I have just found this out , he was ABLE SEAMAN JOHN BUDD, would love to know just what they were doing there at that time,  I think your photos of the ship are wonderful& can imagine him on the ship. Thank you for a lovely & informative site, will now try & get his navel record to see if he survived.               

Thank you once again,                                       
Pat Goddard

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Jan. 12, 2007

Did anyone find out what HMS Resolution was doing at Gib. in 1901? A passenger was F. W. Fison MP for
Doncaster. Were they going to the celebrations for Australia becoming a Commonwealth?

Alan Downing

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Sept. 7, 2009

I may be years behind on this but someone asks what the ship was doing and mentions my great grandfather, F.W.Fison. From what I've read of his diaries etc., I think they may have been observing an eclipse.

Best wishes,
Charlie Fison

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