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Nov. 15, 2021

I came across your website whilst searching for information about HMS Renown, as my Grandfather, Richard E. Seymour was on this ship during the Australian tour. I have found his Record KX6375 which shows he was at HMS Victory 2 from June 26 till 6 Dec 1926, 7th Dec 1926 till 26th August 1927 he was on the HMS Renown. He was then back at HMS Victory 2 27 August. He seems to have been injured on May 30th 1928 and was invalid out on 4th July 1928. I have a large picture in a frame the shows the ship with a sea lord and dolphins, I think this was to do with the crossing of the Equator. It also shows he was a stoker. I remember as a child he said he was a stoker, I think he was a class 2 then a class 1. I was wondering if you or anyone could shed some light on his record for me as some of it does not make sense.

Many thanks
Robin Claridge
Aug. 27, 2017

My father, Raymond (Nobby) Clarke, served on HMS Renown from 1941 to 1945. He was a wireless telegraphist and used to tell me all about taking Churchill and his family to Canada, the Arctic convoys, service in the Far East, etc. I wonder if anyone remembers him? Dad sadly passed away in 2005. Would love to hear from anyone who remembered, or whose relative remembered him.

Many thanks,
Zena Clarke
Southampton, England

Feb. 12, 2017

I have a letter from a Peter C. Rendle Ordinary Seaman who sent the letter to one of my cousins in October 1940. It may be of some use to folk who are wondering what life was like on board at the time. He was an anti aircraft gunner. My relatives whose surnames are Cummings/Cutts and McAdoo in America sent this over and have given permission for it to be used on the site. The letter was found in one of our cousins grandmas photo box, as far as I am aware. It was sent to her sister Florence Ella Cutts. Peter C. Rendle we think and are researching if he is our cousin Peter Critchfield Rendle. We are hoping that a living relative will see it, but we are also tracing them through ancestry work.

Steven Power

Sept. 26, 2015

My grandad was on the Renown during the Second World War. His name was Lesley Liley. He often spoke of his days working with the torpedoes. Would love any information of anyone who remembers him.

Tracey Greenhill

Nov. 11, 2014

My Grandfather "Charlie McCulloch" served on the Renown as a stoker in WWII. This is the only memento I have of him.

Warren McCulloch


Aug. 10, 2013

I don't know if you can help me. I believe my father was on HMS Renown some time between 1938-1945, his name was Alexander Clark, able seaman 1st class. He was born on 19.04.1921. It is not much to go on and I would appreciate if you could help or guide me in the right direction to find out more. I have had a enquiry form a man claiming he could be my half brother.

Kindest regards,
Kathy Grainger

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