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Aug. 4, 2012

I'm searching for info about my grandfather Spiro (Spyridionis) Saliba. I know he was born in Kefalonia (around 1878) and that he was British and worked for the Royal Navy. Some documents say he was born in Malta (but I guess he ended up living there afterwards and then moved to Alexandria of Egypt, I guess following the Royal Navy headquarters).

The documents I have found on a website say he was in England in 1901 with the HMS Ramillies. I'm not going to pay the website for some infos, so I'm asking you if you can have some documents of that census or anything more about Spiro Saliba (what were his duties? where he really born? etc etc).

Best regards,
Paolo Barbieri

Aug. 8, 2009

My father Francis Henry Battishill joined the navy aged 17 on the 10/6/1918 at the Boys Training Ship HMS Impregnable and was there until 21/3/1919. From his Royal Naval records (Ministry of Defence) he served on HMS Ramillies (Battleship) 22/3/1919 - 1/09 1921 HMS. Emperor of India (Battleship) 21/11/22 - 11/5/1925 HMS. Malaya (Battleship) 13/9/1926 HMS Queen Elizabeth (Battleship) 21/9/1927 - 12/2/1929 HMS Valiant 13/2/1929 - 7/3/1929 HMS Rodney (Battleship) 16/4/1930 - 28/7/1931 and released to shore

He was mobilised for war service on 31/7/1939 when he joined HMS Caradoc (Cruiser) until 14/7/1940. HMS Richmond (Destroyer) 26/11/1940 - 17/12/1941. His last ship was the HMS Glen Avon (Anti-Aircraft Ship) 2/5/1942 - 15/9 1945. The HMS Glen Avon foundered in a gale in Seine Bay off the coast of France 2/9/1944. His record shows he was released in Class A on 15/9 1945.

His rank when released from the navy was Leading Seaman and he also had a gold Gun and Star on his right arm, which I believe signifies a Leading Gunner. I have a photo of HMS Ramillies and Emperor of India, also a photo of a Gunnery trophy his crew won when on HMS Emperor of India.

Kind regards,
Michael J. Battishill
Warners Bay, New South Wales, Australia

July 29, 2009

My father, George Henry Wilson ("Tug Wilson") was a sailor on this ship.  He died quite some time ago. He once told me about the time they pursued the Bismarck. As I recall, they submerged part of the ship to try to extend the range of the guns, and the crew were fearful of the encounter. Luckily for my father (and thus me!) the Bismarck went another way. I too would be interested to know more of the ship and its history.

Andrew Wilson

May 12, 2009

I am interested in any recollections that might be posted about HMS Ramillies for the years 1939-1942. My grandfather, Philip Bernard Hughes (RCN), was posted to her during some part of that period, and may, given his rank (Lt. Cmdr. (E)) have been chief engineer for some of that time. After 1942/43, he was posted to the Royal Roads naval academy at Esquimault, British Columbia. Based on his stories, I know that he was with Ramillies when she was detached from convoy duty to participate in the search for Bismarck in 1941. Any notes regarding Ramillies during this period, or mentioning my grandfather in particular, would be of great interest.

Thanks and regards,
Philip Doyle

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