HMS Ramilles (1892)
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Aug. 3, 2022

Fascinated by the picture of the sailing Pinnace. I own what I believe is the same model of twin masted 36 foot Pinnace with the plumb straight stem and the same transom as that boat shown in the photo. I have the original drawings of this type from Greenwich dated 1872. Mine was converted in 1930 into a 'gentleman's yacht'. I have found so little information about these boats. When did the R.N. finally stop ordering new sailing Pinnace's in favour of steam? Were there many converted into steam in the 1890's and are there any records regarding this or of their appropriations to ships. Is there any records of build numbers or which yards built the sailing pinnaces? Interestingly mine is number 3 and I believe was converted to steam in 1898. It still retains its gun mount in the bow. I hope my comments are of interest to you

Russell Thomas
Owner of Caretta (on the National Historic Ships Register)
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