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Feb. 9, 2021

I have been shown a small Trophy Cup with the following inscription: M. Higgins 1914 St. Petersburg HMS LION  Tug-of-war. It looks like a small silver gravy boat. M. Higgins was for Michael Higgins and was the Grandfather of the current owner (Kevin Michael Higgins) of this trophy. He is interested in the history of this trophy, having served in the US NAVY himself. Questions such as who was involved in the Tug of war was it the crew of the HMS Lion vs the Crew of the HMS New Zealand? Was this event held in front of the Russian Royal family? What are events or games were held? Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Debra DeWetter

May 24, 2020

My grandfather, John Price, was a stoker first class on HMS Lion during the Battle of Jutland. I'm currently trying to find images of his various service postings.

Many thanks,
Brian Price

May 14, 2020

I believe my father, John Augustus Jepps, served aboard HMS Lion as a stoker during the First World War. I would be grateful for any information. I have a brooch which was my mother's it is of mother of pearl and wire that says HMS Lion with small dangling 'charms' an anchor and a heart with the Lord's Prayer on it. I know nothing about it and would be grateful for any information.

Thank you,
Jennifer Bennett nee Jepps

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May 17, 2020

I checked his service record and he did indeed serve in HMS Lion in 1918. He was a Signalman and later an Ordinary Signalman.

Mike Griffiths
Research Assistant, MaritimeQuest

Jan. 13, 2020

My uncle, Harry Senior (DOB 17/3/1895) from Skipton, Yorkshire, served the entire period of WWI on the Lion so I have just discovered. I knew he was in WWI, but had been previously been searching for Harold until I recently discovered his actual name was Harry, I though it was just a used name not actual name.

I am ex RN myself having done 22 yrs. from 1980 to 2002 and served in Falklands / N. Ireland / Bosnia / First Gulf War. I now live in Chicago and I am gathering as much info as I can about Harry and the Lion.

Below is a picture of him from WWI.

Tim Ellis


Aug. 12, 2017

I am from the Solomon Islands. We have been trying to track the history of my great grandfather, Charlie Bird, who was believed to serve on HMS Lion. He eventually settled in the Solomons and married a local, my great grandmother. If anyone has any information, please let me know.

Lanita Waleanisia

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Aug. 20, 2017

There is a Charles Bird, born at Bristol on Sept. 1, 1888, service number SS1732, listed at Kew. I can not tell from his service record if he served in LION or not. You can purchase it via the link.

Michael W. Pocock

July 28, 2016

What a wonderful website you have! I am trying to locate some details about my Grandfather -William Ernest Williams, who served on HMS Lion in the Battle of Jutland and survived. He sent his wife a brooch - a silver anchor saying HMS Lion. How can I get hold of a crew list and his service records? And any other information you may have. I wonder if other people have the brooch?

Yours sincerely,
Gill Hosken

May 29, 2016

My grandfather was a gunner on HMS Lion at the Battle of Jutland, his name Peter Stanley Livingstone. He was awarded the DSM for being part of diving rescue team. He was presented his medal and ensign by Admiral Beatty, both of which plus his ditty box and other medals have been donated to Portsmouth maritime museum, but not displayed because we don't have evidence of his naval record to confirm this. We have photos and a cutting from a naval magazine.

Allan Roach

May 8, 2016

My father, John Lancashire, has the service record papers for his father, Henry Nelson Lancashire, who was serving on the HMS Lion during the Battle of Jutland. He was a gunner and also a musician in the Royal Marine Band. I believe he also has some photos of the band. (See remembrance page here)

We also have two paintings painted by someone from the HMS lion showing the 'Wounded Lion' coming up the Forth. One of the paintings is damaged, but the other is not. The paintings were a set of 3, the 3rd being a portrait of Admiral Beatty, but we don't know what happened to that one. The paintings are showing on this page: The Art of HMS Lion.

Kind regards,
Carol Currie, BSc (Hons), MISTR

May 15, 2015

I am interested to know if anyone has information on my uncle, Moses Ellis Jones, of Llandudno who served as a Stoker on HMS Lion at the Battle of Jutland and survived to go home. He would have been about 19.

Thank you,
David Jones
New Zealand

Feb. 8, 2015

I have been in possession of a postcard album for the last 50 years which belonged to a boy called Charlie Statham from Stockport, who collected the postcards from 1905 to approx. 1922. I have recently been sorting through it as the album was falling apart. I came across a small printed Christmas/New year greeting card from A. Statham, HMS Lion, Battle Cruiser Fleet, Christmas 1916. I would assume this man was the father or uncle of Charlie. I would think this small card would not have been from a rating so does anyone know who A. Statham was?

Wendy Warburton

Oct. 5, 2014

My grandad, Father Thomas Fredrick Went served as a stoker (RNR) onboard Lion during the actions at Dogger Bank and Jutland. His medals were given to me and I also spent 28 years in the Royal Navy. With his medals there was also a medallion present to him for saving the lives of the crew of the SS Iris in September 1915. I have tried to find out more information about this medallion, but have drawn a blank. It seems according to the ship's log that she was alongside in Rosyth and no vessels of that name were sunk at that time. There is a picture on the internet of a Norwegian vessel Iris with the crew of a U-boat rowing by. I was wondering if anybody can help with this problem.

Alan Goldsmith,
Taunton, Somerset, U.K.

July 22, 2013

My Grandfather served as a signal boy on the HMS Lion at the Battle of Jutland. His name was James Byrne born Dublin 1901. We have a memento of a piece of shell that smashed his Aldis lamp during the battle.


May 13, 2014

I have recently come across a photograph of my great uncle Ned LOWE aged about 17 years wearing a naval uniform and a cap with H.M.S Lion on it. I am trying to find out any information I can about him could you help.

John Cumming

Apr. 3, 2014

My grandfather, Frank Makings, served on HMS Lion 1/1/17 to 30/9/19. He was a Royal Marine from Barnsley. I don't know anything of his time then, but it must have been exciting for a young man of 19. The local paper records he was the first from the district in action and to die during WWII. Sadly he went down with his shipmates on HMS Courageous 17/9/39. I have been told he was the oldest RM to die in action (41), could this be true? Of course I never knew him (neither did my mum who was born just before he went to war). It's always struck me as odd, when as a small boy on my first visit to my local library, when asked what I would like my first book to read to be, I asked for a book about the Battle of Jutland! I still recall how astonished everyone seemed to be at the time. It has been a lifelong interest of mine. It's a real pleasure to find all this information on the internet. It's such a shame there isn't more without the impracticalities for me to search other archives.


Mar. 15, 2014

My sister has a postcard from a Captain of HMS LION dated 1915, could you tell me the name of the captain? We think the card was sent to a member of  of our fathers family.

Thank you,
Margaret Williamson

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Mar. 17, 2014

The commanding officer of HMS Lion in 1915 was Capt. A. Ernle M. Chatfield.

Michael W. Pocock

Nov. 11, 2013

My Grandmother was Norah Morgan, and amongst her belongings are five letters signed only Ldg Sto Yeo. I presume that's Leading Stoker Yeo. Four of the letters are dated, 26/10/16, 04/11/16,22/12/16 and 08/02/17. One is undated. My grandmother would only have been 9 or 10 years old in 1916. These letters are beautiful, and so well written. She must have thought a lot of them to keep them all those years. What I would like to know is, if there was any way you could help trace his relatives, as I am sure they would like copies of these letters. In one of the letters he says he lived in "sunny Devon", well, so do I !!

Dave Morgan

Aug. 11, 2013

What an interesting website! My great uncle is said to have served on HMS Lion alongside Louis Mountbatten (which would date around July-August 1916 from Mountbatten's service history). Are there any crew lists available anywhere? It would be wonderful to confirm this as I have very few clues as to my grandmother's family history. His name was Reginald Kelly, though anyone with the same surname may be a relation as you know how these tales get distorted with retelling. Many thanks for taking the effort to construct and maintain such a valuable website.

Kind regards,
Chris Davis

Aug. 29, 2012

I am writing in the hope that you may have some photos or be able to provide me with evidence or otherwise relating to a chair that we have had since 1924/5 ish.  My grandfather and his brothers worked on Rosyth Docks and were involved in the dismantling of the HMS Lion.  He (my grandfather) proudly boosted that the chair in my grandmother's house was Admiral Beatty's chair from said ship.  The chair certainly is old enough and is covered in Buffalo hide (verified from a reliable source) and currently in need of some loving re-upholstery/renovation.  But before I do that I want to really understand it's history especially as my grandfather wasn't known for his flights of fantasy.  Maybe there is a catalogue of furniture used on ships at that time??? Many thanks for any help you may be able to give.

Jean Jensen

Aug. 4, 2012

My family always knew that my fathers brother (my Uncle) Murtagh Francis Hennessy (known as Fred) was killed in the Battle of Jutland May 1916, a Gunner on HMS Lion. Please put the attached photo up on the site and maybe someone has a photo of the crew of Q turret. Any information will be much appreciated  

Fred Hennessy 
(called after him)


Feb. 18, 2012

My great uncle  Charles Rowe served 1912 - 17 on HMS Lion I believe. Captain Fleet Paymaster.

Paul Rowe

Feb. 10, 2011

Thought you might be interested in two oil paintings (see The Art of HMS Lion Page 2) that were painted by Thomas George Mudle who joined LION as a LH, later PO, in Dec 17.  They were sold/given(?) to my Grandfather, Harry Hugill Ramsey, who served as an AB in LION from 1912-20 who, in turn, presented them to his (to be) wife.  They have been in the family since.  I'd be interested if any of your readers have any further information about either Mudle or Ramsey.

Many thanks,
Jeremy Ramsey

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