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Jan. 8, 2022

I am writing with the hope that you may have some information. My wife's farther served on HMS King George V during WWII, his full name was Albert Macdonald Walker. He was born 22nd December 1920. Unfortunately we do not have his service number, his medals awarded to him have been lost for many years, he passed away in 1974. We are aware that it may be a long shot, but, could you help us fill in some missing details or information.

Best regards,
Lee Chantler and Evelyn Chantler (Walker)
Nov. 8, 2020

My father served on the King George V, not sure for how long, but he was on it in 1941 - (Bismarck).  Is there a crew list anywhere? As we are nearing Remembrance Day, I am thinking of my dad. He was from Scotland, met my mom in Halifax, NS, Canada. He eventually settled here. He never talked about the war, but every November 11th, he would proudly walk in the parade here in Halifax, and we would all attend as a family. Any info would be most appreciated. His name was Robert Hunter Devlin.

Thanks very much,
Kathy Gustys

Dec. 10, 2019

My father served on the King George V as a petty officer and was wondering if there are any info on his stint on this ship. His name is Ernest Milton Hyde and he was born in London England in 1920 he had a brother who was killed close to Norway during the evacuation of the King of Norway whose name was Alfred Hyde. any info would be greatly appreciated.

James Hyde

Nov. 20, 2019

l am trying to find any information regarding my father William "Billy" Edwards. He served on the KGV as a seaman during WWII.

Thank You,
George Edwards

Aug. 3, 2019

My Grandad, Thomas Edward Mongan, served on the KGV during WWII and was one of the crew when she was engaged with the Bismarck. The highest rank he obtained was Master At Arms, but apparently he was demoted, when, after falling off a flat roof in Malta (drunk), he could no longer salute properly. He went on to join the Merchant Navy later, but he was never as happy as when he served in the Royal Navy. It was his life, and he was happiest at sea. If any of your subscribers ever served with him, knew of him, or had relatives that knew him, I'd love to hear from them! I never got to know him really, as he died of a heart attack in the early 70's.

Kindest Regards,
David Snow

June 9, 2019

My dad, Donald Garvey, served on the King George V. l would like to know more about what he did and where he sailed to and if any one on this site remembers him. He was such a quiet man and was known as Don.

Jane Garvey

Mar. 3, 2019

My father JEREMIAH CROWLEY (later Lieutenant-Commander) served on the KGV during 1945. I am trying to find out whether he was serving on the vessel at the time the KGV attended the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay. Does a list of serving personnel exist for that time. If any one has one or knows where I might find one I would be very grateful if they could let me know. In addition if any one actually remembers my father (who died in 1964) I would of course be most grateful to hear their memories. I would be really grateful for any assistance you can offer.

Best wishes,
Dennis Crowley

Oct. 31, 2017

My paternal grandfather, John Girling Burton, served on the KGV during the Second World War and I believe was yeoman signals when the Bismarck was sunk. Family stories over the years suggest he served in RN commando on Juno with the Canadian forces, however I have been unable to confirm this. I would be grateful for any information anyone has that can help with my search.

Jon Burton

Apr. 18, 2017

My husband, Charles George Robert Hawes, known as Robin was an officers' cook on KGV. He is still alive, is 91 and lives in New Zealand.

Maureen Hawes

Mar. 13, 2016

Have just located your Message board whilst in the process of trying to find some information on my oldest brother (now deceased) who I know served on the King George V as well as serving on Corvettes. I understand that he was a wireless operator and that he was in convoys and went to Australia on the King George V which was carrying I think the Duke of Edinburgh? I am doing some family research and would love to find out more about his service record. I am 66 now and am the youngest of my remaining family. His name was GRAHAM LEONARD and was a radio operator I understand. He was born in Didsbury, but later lived in Birmingham when joining the Royal Navy. I know he wanted to be a Pilot but was failed because of a fault in his left eye so joined the RN. Can you help with any info of his time in the RN or could you oblige me by guiding me elsewhere?

Many thanks,
Celia Leonard

Sept. 27, 2015

My father was George "Lofty" Monk. He was originally not accepted for service in the Navy because of flat feet but seems to have wangled his way on board as a civilian NAAFI canteen worker. My mother says that he became the youngest NAAFI canteen manager. Subsequently, the Navy did enlist him and he carried on serving in KGV during Arctic convoys. The two photos below are from his collection.

Reg Monk

A Supermarine Walrus about to be catapulted off of HMS King George V.

A photo taken during the filming of "Royal Navy at War-King George V Battleships."

Sept. 6, 2015

My father, Patrick Alfred John O'Shaughnessy (born in England), was on the KGV. He is alive and well at age 89 and has lived in Australia since WWII. I understand that he still communicates with the few remaining friends he's been able to locate over the years. I'm sure if anyone would like to contact him they could do so through me.

Lynne Horsfall (nee O'Shaughnessy)

Aug. 22, 2015

My Pa, who I am very close to, served on KGV in WWII and is still alive and well living in Australia. I am a returned servicemen also and we have a fantastic relationship. PMX 634647 PO James Dennis Glenn. Electrical Artificer 4th Class. HMS King George V. He was a service engineer for the cypher machines. It was his job to look after the CCNs. When they arrived back from Japan, on the daily orders in the mess, he saw his name on the recommendation for mention in despatches. He said it was sponsored by the officer in charge of the cypher department though he cannot remember his name. It was just after they arrived back from Tokyo Bay when KGV came into Sydney. He said it was just on the daily orders pinned on the board in the mess. He saw his name and he was wondering if there was a copy.

Somewhere between 1st October 1945 and 29th October 1945 KGV left for Melbourne on this date and Pa said it was certainly in  Sydney. He never heard anything more about it after that..though he would love a copy of the daily orders. When he left KGV he never even got time to say goodbye to his mates, which makes him a little upset. If you ever get the chance it would be something really special I could share with Pa. He has a fantastic memory and remembers everything.

Best regards,
Conan Bland

July 1, 2015

My uncle Joe Shepherd served on the KGV during the war, he passed away in 1992, Would love to see if anyone remembers him, seen him on one of your photos entitled "watts old boys", I've got quite a few of his pics as well.

All the best,
Mike Shepherd

Jan. 1, 2015

My late father, Sam Eugene Pienaar (South African Navy attached to the Royal Navy), served on the HMS KGV from 1944 till the end of WWII. I believe he was assigned to the SAS Natal after the war and formed part of the occupation force on Marion Island. The only photograph I have of him from those days shows him wearing the uniform of the SAS Natal. I would be much obliged if you could advise as to where and how I can obtain any further information / service record of his time on the KGV.

He did not speak about the war much, but on occasions when he got together with his brothers Frank (North Africa Desert Forces?) and Wessel (RAF, Lancaster bomber) they would share memories and I would listen.  Unfortunately all of them passed away some time ago and with that also any local source of information I might have had. Any scrap of info in this regard would be priceless.

With kind regards,
Jacques Pienaar

Nov. 13, 2014

My late father, Arthur Coomes, served at HMS Royal Arthur and then joined HMS KGV during 1944-45. If there is anyone out there who is able to share photos of Royal Arthur in 1944 (I am unsure whether it would have been a whole ship intake or mixed crews), KGV towards the end of the war or the Aussie shore station at Canberra, it would be very much appreciated. Many thanks.

Geoff Coomes

Jan. 25, 2014

I've just come across your fascinating website while carrying out some research for my 8 year old granddaughter about the KGV. Like several others who have commented my father Harold Jackson served on the KGV during the action with the Bismarck, I think as Purser.

He died in 1978 but often recounted the story of how the Commander of the Fleet who was on board was keeping the crew informed by tannoy and how the first salvo from the Bismarck overshot the KGV and then the second shot was short, at which point all on board braced themselves for the inevitable. The next announcement was that Bismarck had then trained its guns on another battleship, to the enormous relief of many.

The subsequent joke, I recall, was that the only person on board the KGV who was injured was the Admiral who hit his head when the chain from the wc cistern snapped. Access to any photos of those serving at the time of the engagement would be great.

Stephen Jackson
Brighton, England

Nov. 18, 2013

My late father, Henry "Billy" Berlin, served on KGV during WWII as a Leading Steward. He took many photos of the crew, of the King and Winston Churchill, of Admiral Tovey, Rear Admiral Brind, and of KGV from afar and onboard. He designed the various menu cards and special events leaflets as he was a talented artist. I have two albums of interesting photos, The only surnames of the crew members that are shown, are, Campbell, Brown, Strickland, Keith Hallowes, Pope, Scott, and Williams. There are many more photos with only first names, probably other stewards. I am happy to exchange information with anyone interested.

David Berlin

Nov. 13, 2013

My father, Able Seaman Harris Churchill, served aboard the King George V during  WWII. I have searched extensively for photos of him, particularly any associated to the KGV. I would be delighted to hear of their existence or to hear from anyone who knew him.

Derek Churchill,
Conception Bay South,

Apr. 21, 2013

My father, Albert Richard (Frank) Green, was a wine steward on the KGV. All I know is that he served on it, and told Mr. Winston Churchill (after giving him lots of wine) that he was a pig. The reply was... yes I know. Well that what my father said. Do you have any more info on my father while serving on the KGV.

Paul Green

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