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Nov. 6, 2020

I research Bessbrook war dead, Stoker Peter Rooney died while on board HMS Howe in an accident regarding supplies. I was just wondering with his anniversary coming soon would anyone have a photo of him? Would be very grateful.

Yours sincerely,
Christine Tyrrell

July 22, 2020

My late father served on HMS Howe 1942 to 1945. I know he was a cook but I can find no records of his service or of any medals he earned. I believe the medals may have been stolen from my mothers home in the late 1980's. Can anyone help me please.

Many thanks,
Allan Mollitt

June 28, 2020

My father served on the HMS Howe as officer's cook, William Henry Lumb, sevice number mx10011.

Paul Lumb

Jan. 2, 2020

My father served on HMS Howe in 1944/45 as Sub/Lt (E) John Talbot RNVR. I have a photo of the ship's officers taken in Capetown (I think) as well as one of HMS Howe entering Capetown harbour. If you are interested I would be happy to send you copies. Do you know where I could get a copy of the book HMS Howe 1944/45 which is referred to on your site?

Kind regards,
Thea Adair

May 8, 2019

I am researching my late father's war records and still have his service papers. He was Marine Norman (Midge) Midgley and served on HMS Howe. One of the excellent photos by A/B Edwin Reed (Page 7) shows some Marines fitting Tampions to the guns. The Marine on the far left does look a lot like my late father. Any one recognise him? Obviously I cannot ask my late father, but he spoke fondly of his time on the Howe from July 42 to Oct 45.

Darrell Midgley

Nov. 16, 2018

My late father, Victor Watson, was a gunner and played football with his team on HMS Howe and would like to know anyone know Victor.

Jean Smith

Nov. 13, 2018

Searching for George Watson my grandfather, if he is still alive, his address or the address of his family/dependents. He was a crew member on board the HMS Howe when it sailed to Cape Town Harbour, South Africa 1945 where he met my grandmother who had passed away last year. His son,  my father, had passed away in 2007. Your help would be greatly appreciated thank you kindly.

Jerram Engel
Cape Town, South Africa

Aug. 12, 2018

I am looking for any information on Ernest Dyson born 1925 in Sheffield,he was a stoker I believe. He passed away a few years ago, he also had a book on HMS Howe which I lost and would love to get a copy it had a blue hardback.

Bill Dyson

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Nov. 10, 2018

My Father, William (Bill) George Sandey was the Chaplain of HMS Howe in 1944-1946. He edited the blue HMS Howe book to which Bill Dyson refers in his message. Bill Sandey died in 1976 and we are clearing out his things. We have a spare copy of the blue book which we would be happy to pass on Bill Dyson if you would care to supply us with his address. Is Ernest still alive and if so, does he have any memories of Padre Bill Sandey? He was keen to encourage crew members to join cultural/educational trips ashore whenever the ship was in port.

Kind regards,
Alison de Candole (née Sandey)

Dec. 4, 2018

Just to let you know I have today posted my spare copy of the HMS Howe 1940 year book to Bill Dyson. Thank you for your efforts in putting me in touch with Bill.

Alison de Candole
(née Sandey, Daughter of Revd Bill Sandey, Chaplain and editor of the book)

Sept. 9, 2016

Wondered if you could help, my father past away and when clearing out the house we have come across a cigar case with a picture of a ship which we think we have identified as the HMS Howe or Anson, but also we have a picture of 4 we think Royal Marines and medals. We have asked family members but none recognise them, but are quite elderly now too. But we would really like to find out the mystery behind who it is and whose medals they are. We think it is from my fathers side name Beekes or a close family friend Hawkins or King. If you could help or advise the best route to go down to identify them that would be great.

Claire & Steve Higgins


May 16, 2015

My grandfather, Frank Rowe, served on HMS Howe during the war. I was wondering if any body can still remember him? He passed away several years ago so, I can only remember bits of his tales. I always wondered how he managed to be in so many places during the war, I now Know, thanks to the web site.

Kind regards,
Marcus Goat

Mar. 23, 2015

My late dad, Kenneth Hornigold, served on the HMS Howe during WWII as leading torpedo man. I do know my mam saw him on the news reel at pictures during the war when the King visited his ship. I do know he was also on the HMS Siller so not sure which ship it was.

Thank you for the pics,
Maurice Hornigold

Dec. 13, 2014

My dad, Joseph Harry Slater, was on the pom pom guns during his time on the Howe, also an engineer when she was sunk, he was head burned. I don't have any other information. If you do I would be gratefull, born 1922.

Kind regards,
Barry Joseph Slater

Nov. 10, 2014

I just looked at the site on HMS Howe. My dad was on the ship from 1942-1945. I also have an official book on  the Howe  documenting the operations during 1944-45 plus his certificate of service. The book is signed by "The Spivs" Jack Cornell, Jack Stallard, Len Palmer, Ginger Hickson and my Dad, Able Seaman Harry William Rickman, "Dick" to his parents and siblings. Congrats on the very informative website.

David Rickman

June 6, 2014

My name is Clary Parsons, I am 94 in September. I served on the Howe as Petty Officer am now in care in Drysdale, Victoria.

May 10, 2014

Where would I be able to find a crew list for HMS Howe. As I do believe my father, Frank Richard Martin was on this ship during the war. And I do remember him having a book and looking through it as a child.

Brian Martin
Aston, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Apr. 24, 2014

My father served on the Howe towards the end of the war. He passed away ten years ago and we would love to hear from anyone who can remember him. His name was Edwin (Ted) Gentry. He was a bandsman (trumpet). Any stories or recollections would be gratefully appreciated

David Gentry

Mar. 4, 2014

I am looking for any information on Tom Murray who served on HMS Howe during the 1940's. Any info, pictures or stories would be nice. My dad has lost a lot of family possessions over the years and anything about my grandfather I could find would make my dad very happy.

Stephen Murray

Nov. 27, 2013

My grandad RONALD HOLT served on HMS Howe, he was born 25 December 1921 and used to tell me tales of his time in the navy during WWII. I have a photo of the ship in the Gulf of New Zealand which I treasure, along with a small leather bag and a leather giraffe which he purchased from Ceylon or Sri Lanka as we know it. If anyone has any information about him it would be wonderful to be ale to share this with my mother. I know that he also served on another minesweeper on Arctic convoys and that during the early days of his marriage my grandmother spent time on the Isle of Bute.

Many thanks,
Jeanette Buonocore

Aug. 30, 2013

My dad served on the HMS Howe who served the ship as a petty officer. HIs name was Leonard "Len" Morris. Never saw much of him and he died early in 1971. That's all I know.

Thank you,
Ray l. Morris

May 28, 2013

My father joined the merchant navy as a young teenager just before WWII, His ship was PACIFIC RANGER NO. 161291 . She was sunk by a German u-boat (U- 59) on the 12 OCT 1940 he was rescued after six days in a life boat. Luckily all crew got home safely. When he got home (east London) he joined the Royal Navy and was put on HMS HOWE. I was born in 1944 and was never told much about his time in the war, my mother said she thought he was a gunner what she said the pom pom guns. My parents divorced 50 yrs ago, I don't know if he is still alive, last time I saw him was about 40 yrs ago.

Since I have got a computer I have been trying to research his life in the navy. I have a book about the Howe, hard backed H.M.S. HOWE 1944-45. It's the history of her time between may 1944 to June 1945. I was given this by my mother some years ago and know dad had a earlier book about the Howe and some photos of her covered in ice when on convoy duty, but don't know where they went., I want to find out more if possible. My fathers name was ALBERT EDWARD HUDSON born 19 OCTOBER 1921 he was born in south east London if any one can give me any more information about him.

Regards Paul E. Hudson

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